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Black Elderberry.
Black Elderberry.

Native Plants Garden

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In June 2018, Sandra Garland from the Fletcher Wildlife Garden planted a variety of young native plants at our local library. With the help of Sandra and some very dedicated Green Dreamers we have managed to keep these native transplants alive and thriving. Among the varieties planted at the Sunnyside Library you will find: arrow-leaved Asters, Beebalm, Joe-Pye Weed, Nodding Onions, Upland White Goldenrods, and Pearly Everlastings. 

Taking care of the Black Elderberry, a transplant from the Fletcher Wildlife Garden at the Central Experimental Farm.

At this point in time we have surrounded the Black Elderberry with some low wire fencing and orange ribbon for protection. It arrived a little later than the native plants on the east side of the long bed but it too is thriving. With a little extra care and attention this September & October we're hoping that it will return in the Spring of 2019.

Stop by, have a look, most of the native plants are tagged. And, by the way, Green Dreamers give yourselves a good "pat on the back". Through long spells of intense heat with no rain you have managed to keep this native plant collection alive and thriving. No easy accomplishment when water is often very hard to come by.

Garden photos by Winnie Pietrykowski.
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