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Green Dreamers Give Thanks
Photo by Winnie Pietrykowski.

Green Dreamers Give Thanks

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October is one of those “bittersweet” months when the colourful and dramatic changes of Fall are at their most compelling and most nostalgic. The almost wistful affection that clings to this season begs for some “sweet” reminiscing and as Green Dreamers we tend to “recall” the season’s “happenings” in our local public lots.

In 2019 dreaming green got off to a slow start. From April to May Ottawa had a lot of rain. In April, Environment Canada recorded 113.6 mm and in June, 111.4 mm. Scheduling regular gardening days was a challenge and for the most part we gardened when the weather allowed.

With this spring’s abundance of rain, we were rewarded with some wonderful floral successes: the lush hydrangea bushes at Cameron, Ossington, Grove and Glen; the magnificent sunflowers, wild sea kale and native plantings at the Library; the sturdy wildflowers, fern, and ninebark shrubs at Sunnyside & Bank; the flowering hosta outside the Happy Goat and Patty’s Pub and the proliferation of milkweed.

This year’s wet spring also brought a bumper crop of butterflies and fireflies. Monarchs appeared like friendly pets clinging to milkweed or perching on tall sunflowers. They slowly opened and closed their colourful broad wings and in the blink of an eye lifted themselves from one flower to another. According to Sandra Garland of Wild Pollinator Partners a variety of bees were spotted in our Library garden, among them the Brown-Winged Striped Sweet Bee and the Common Eastern Bumble Bees.

Despite the short growing season the Green Dreamers accomplished quite a bit!

Green Dreamers from left to right Martha Wiebe, Barbara Dempsey, Brian Tansey and Brian Ure at the corner of Glen & Bank sharing some tall gardening tales. Photo by Winnie Pietrykowski.

Along with gardening, Green Dreamers had a Spring plant drive at the Library, a strawberry social at the Firehall, and built a raised garden bed for OSCA’s summer camp program.

In addition to generous perennial contributions from residents in OOS, Green Dreamers receive an annual contribution from OSCA to purchase soil, compost, mulch, plants, and brown paper bags. This year Green Dreamers also received a $500 donation from the Friends of the Ottawa Public Library. During this month of Thanksgiving, Green Dreamers would like to thank Old Ottawa South for your encouragement and support.

Remember, there is still much “dreaming” to do and room to grow. We welcome all gardeners, no matter what shade of green, to join us in our green adventure. Where will it take us?

Green Dreamers Michael & Christine Bradley and Brian Tansey with Kelly Sirett of the Sunnyside Ottawa Public Library, standing in front of the very popular and “showy” Sunnyside Sunflowers. Photo by Winnie Pietrykowski.
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