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New Green Dreamer Coordinators
Burgeoning library garden photo by Christine Bradley.

New Green Dreamer Coordinators

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Another gardening season is just around the corner. And in anticipation of its fifth gardening year, Green Dreamers will begin this gardening season with two new coordinators.

Christine & Mike Bradley have generously offered to take over the coordination of the Green Dreamers once we’re given the green light by the City of Ottawa and local Health Authorities. As many of you know (Green Dreamers past and present), Christine & Mike are avid gardeners and show up "rain or shine" when gardening is on the menu. Their enthusiasm and good will is contagious and they are excited about sharing their ideas and energy with Old Ottawa South's Green Dreamers.

Green Dreamers will remain under the umbrella of the Traffic & Safety Committee and Christine will work closely with Brian Ure who is a member of Traffic & Safety and sits on the OSCA Board of Directors. Winnie Pietrykowski, who has coordinated Green Dreamers since 2016, will continue to volunteer at OSCA as Vice-President and Chair of Communications.

Like many Green Dreamers we anticipate some reduction in restrictions, as time passes. What these are, when and how they will occur, is just beginning to unfold. Hopefully we can expect more clarity in the days and weeks ahead. Christine Bradley will help provide guidance to Green Dreamers as we move into May.

Happy gardening!

Get in touch with the Green Dreamers team via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Green Dreamers are volunteer gardeners in Old Ottawa South. For a closer look at the Green Dreamers visit www.oldottawasouth.ca/green-dreamers.

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