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Bank at Glen garden photo by Kathy Krywicki.
Bank at Glen garden photo by Kathy Krywicki.

Green Dreamers Spring Update

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Our local gardening group has had an unusually easy beginning this spring season with the Covid outbreak. My spouse Mike and I took over the job of coordinating this group which was so ably done by Winnie Pietrykowski and Brian Ure for the last four years.

As you may have noticed walking by any of the twelve gardens we tend to on and off Bank Street  between the two bridges, the plots are looking a bit unruly and forgotten. The reason behind this was that we have been unable to garden since Covid restrictions were put in place by the City in mid-March.

Our group is part of the City’s Adopt-a-Road Program that receives support from OSCA. Since we care for ornamental gardens, not essential community vegetable gardens, we did not open at the end of April as the latter did. Usually six to eight of us show up for our twice weekly work sessions, Wednesdays and Saturdays – 9:00 to 11:00 a.m., dependent on weather conditions. Typically, once the hotter weather comes in July and August, the frequency decreases due to fewer volunteers being available with less gardening tasks to do compared to the spring and fall clean-ups. Once we restart hopefully very soon, we will certainly be busier than usual doing a catch-up garden clean-up. The weeds have proliferated, a bumper crop of sunflowers have taken over the library plots and the spring bulbs are dying off. However, the gardens are free of litter and debris because the City did allow us to at least do that task.

Stay tuned for my next entry when I will provide an update on our gardening status and what’s ahead for us this summer! New recruits and hardy, drought-resistant plants always welcome. Just drop me a line at adoptgarden@oldottawasouth.ca.

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