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Green Dreamers: Back on the Job!

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Gardening Restart June 22, 2020

Wouldn’t you know it as soon as I wrote the last update we got the word from the city Adopt-a-Road program manager that we could restart gardening respecting physical distance, wearing gardening gloves of course and having no more than 10 people at the bed at any one time.

So for now it made sense not to work as a large crew as often happened in the past years but to work singly or with one to two others for now. All of this was quite easy to do as all the volunteers as if on cue just expanded to landscaping tasks from cleanup of the beds. Lots to do this first very hot morning as we soon noticed that weeds had taken over many of the beds and the ground was hard packed from lack of rain. It will get all done in next few weeks as we play catch up. Composting and mulching will be the next step after that.

Our dedicated volunteers whose names are included here are hard working and keen to get back into the job to make your neighbourhood as green and attractive as it can be: Brian Ure deserves special mention as his liaison with the city and horticultural knowledge has been invaluable over the last five years. We also have Brian Tansey, Barbara Dempsey, Joan Foster-Jones, Martha Wiebe, Doug  Dolinski, Jill Anderson, and Nora McKnight. Thank you one & all!

If you'd like to join the gardening crew volunteers, drop a line to adoptgarden@oldottawasouth.ca.

Before & after photos of the work of the Green Dreamers on Bank Street at Grove Ave.

Photo by Mike Bradley.
Photo by Mike Bradley.
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