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Photo by Kathy Krywicki.
Photo by Kathy Krywicki.

Welcome Back, Green Dreamers!

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The Green Dreamers are out and about once again! You may have seen a few recently at the Library and the corners of Bank Street and Sunnyside Avenue. Their silent green “tag” is unmistakable. They leave a trail of “loved lots” all along Bank Street and Sunnyside Avenue. And yes, there were a couple of Dreamers sighted at Grosvenor this last week tidying up one of OOS’s rain gardens. In late June another solo Green Dreamer was spotted on the grounds around the Firehall.

Have you noticed how the Glen gardens continue to thrive? And what about the lots from Riverside Drive to Grove? All of this tender green care is provided “free of charge” by community gardeners who generously share their gardening enthusiasm and “know-how”. So if you spot a Green Dreamer or two, give them a wave and a great big “thank you.” They are a welcome sight after so many months of uncertainty.

Flower Power

Norah McKnight was just pulling away from working in the Sunnyside library garden when we noticed the rather large sunflower growing up to the height of the yellow street-crossing buzzer. Luckily you only need to use the button outside of the automatic pedestrian signal hours of  7am to 7pm weekdays and 9am to 6pm on weekends (or you can, of course, press for 3 seconds for the audio signal at any time).
Photo by Brian Tansey.
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