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A Council Update: Heritage Inventory Project

28 September 2017 | Published in Heritage Properties. Read 2301 times.

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From the City Council Meeting 2017-09-27 update:

The addition of 354 properties to Ottawa’s Heritage Register was approved by Council. All properties are located in the neighbourhoods of Old Ottawa East and Old Ottawa South.

City Heritage staff are completing the Heritage Inventory Project: an inventory of all properties across Ottawa that have cultural heritage value. This is the second group, following the 237 properties within Lowertown and Sandy Hill that were added in April. Owners of properties on the Register must give the City 60 days’ notice of any demolition, but are still free to undertake alterations.

Here's the list of OOS & OOE properties added to the register, including background information on the Heritage Inventory Process and the Neighbourhood Heritage Statement for Old Ottawa East and South

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