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From the Archives: Mayfair Theatre Opens

From the Evening Ottawa Citizen Saturday December 3, 1932, a full-page spread entitled “The New Mayfair Theatre Adds Prestige to Ottawa South Business Area”:

Mayfair Theatre Opens Monday Night to “The Blue Danube”

Mayfair_Theatre_plaque_smallSlipping quietly and unostentatiously into the entertainment life of the city, the new Mayfair theatre opens its doors to the public on Monday when the premiere will be thrown on the screen at seven o’clock. At a quarter to the hour the public will be admitted and the first nighters will have a little time to revel in the beauties of Mayfair before becoming absorbed in the screen attractions.


Mayfair Marquee

Bed Bunnies & The Dirty Dolls on screen at the Mayfair Theatre circa 1975.

Photo credit: City of Ottawa Archives CA-18896

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