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NCC Bibliography

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NCC Bibliography

Rideau Canal

Call #              Author                   Title

HE401 R53 S86 1998                           The cultural landscapes of the Rideau Canal Corridor

HE401 .R5 .W6713                             Rideau Canal

HE401.R5 W38 2007                            The Rideau route

HE401 R5 C66 2002   Conroy, Peter            Our canal

HE401 R5 C67 2007   Corbett, Ron             The Rideau Canal

TC626 K44           Keefer, T.C.             The canals of Canada:

HE401 R53 L49 1975  Legget, Robert           Rideau waterway

HE401 R5 P43 1982   Peck, Mary E.            From war to Winterlude : 150 years on the Rideau Canal
NCC 1979 #7         National Capital         The Rideau Canal : the longest skating rink in the world
HE401 R5 T9         National Historic Parks  The Rideau Canal, 1832-1914:
                    & Sites.

HE401 R53 O58 1970  Ontario. Department of   History of the Rideau waterway
                    Energy and Resources
                    Management. Conservation
                    Authorities Branch.

HE401 R5 P38 1982   Passfield, Robert W.     Building the Rideau Canal: a pictorial history

NCC W3 1980 #2      Edmund W. Wallace        Rideau Canal
                    Consulting Services

HE401 R5 S59 1979   Welch, Edwin             Sights and surveys

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