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Following is a rough draft of a bibliography of sources relevant to Old Ottawa South. Lists and notes requires further work.



(*) Ten Cate, Adrian G. ed., The Rideau - A Pictoral History of the Waterway, Besancourt Publishers, Brockville, 1981
Detailed account of the construction of the Rideau Canal, and periods of commercial and recreational navigation. Richly illustrated and many B&W photos, including several of interest to Old Ottawa South. Bibliography. May contain details of canal through OOS and urban recreation, need closer reading of full text.

(*) Belden, H. & Co., Illustrated Historical Atlas of the County of Carleton including Ottawa, 1879, H. Belden & Co., reprinted by Wilsons Publishing Co. 1997

(*) Belden, H. & Co., Historical sketch of the County of Carleton, Mika Silk Screening, Belleville, 1971, aka Book format reprint of the 1879 ed. atlas, published by H. Belden, Toronto, under title: Illustrated historical atlas of the county of Carleton. Reprint includes brief introdution by Courtney C. J. Bond.
Highly detailed historical accounting of Carleton County of 1879 under these categories: geology, geography, early settlement, political, military and municipal history, educational and religious institutions, agriculture, justice, highways, railways, waterways, physical development and material resources. Makes for dense reading with lots of facts and figures. Very brief mention of Rideauville under Nepean Township. Has extensive treatment of Billings family and settlement under Gloucester Township. Written before Ottawa South existed.

Bond, Courtney C. J., City on the Ottawa, 1967, Queen's Printer, Minister of Public Works
- From a pre-eminante Ottawa historian, an attractive but somewhat dated historical guide to the City of Ottawa. Primary consists of a series of walking and driving tours of buildings of architectural or historical significance some of which are featured in B&W photographs, along with a miscellany of other historial details, e.g Canadian authors and poets having resided in Ottawa, and federal government buildings. Includes a tour of Echo Drive and Colonel By Drive out to Hog's Back, and back along Riverside and along the Rideau River to the Cummings Bridge which includes buildings in Old Ottawa East, Old Ottawa South and Billings Brige. Another tour along Queen Elizabeth Driveway past Dow's Lake covers buildings in the Glebe.

Bond, Courtney C. J., The Ottawa Country, 1968, Queen's Printer, Minister of Public Works
- From a pre-eminante Ottawa historian, a thorough but somewhat dated historical guide to the countryside surrounding the City of Ottawa on both sides of the Ottawa River. Primarily consists of a series of walking and driving tours of buildings of architectural or historical significance some of which are featured in B&W photographs. Tours include all the adjacent Ontario townships, Ottawa valley, Lanark, Hull, Aylmer and Gatineau valley. Preceded by a short historical overview of Ottawa. Includes a bibliography. Does not address Old Ottawa South or any adjoining neighbourhoods.

Bond, Courtney C. J., Where Rivers Meet: An Illustrated History of Ottawa, Windsor Publications 1984
- From a pre-eminante Ottawa historian, a high level survey of Ottawa history from the earliest days of occupation by indiginous people through to the early 1980s. Text is complemented with a wealth of B&W and a few colour images of significant buildings, landscapes and people. Includes one page business profiles of approximately 40 local businesses, sponsors of the book. Bibliography. Does not address Old Ottawa South or any adjoining neighbourhoods.

Bond, Courtney C. J., compiled by, An Ottawa chronology
A subject index to Ottawa newspaper stories on Ottawa between 1900 and 1984. Varies in coverage as partially derived from Historical Society of Ottawa scrapbooks of newspaper clippings which were less broad in their coverage than Mr. Bond's own review of newspapers for those periods not covered by the scrapbooks. An excellent resource for researcher as the Ottawa Citizen and Ottawa Journal are not otherwise indexed except Ottawa Citizen from 1985 through Canada Newsstand available online through OPL.

Bouse, David, Historical Atlast of Campus, Carleton University, CUML MRR G1148 O87 B3 1992

Currie, Katharine M, Built on the Rock Southminster United Church, Its People and Its Neighbourhours A Contextual History, Southminster United Church, 2006

Elliott, Bruce, The City Beyond : A History of Nepean, Birthplace of Canada's Capital, 1792-1990,  City of Nepean, 1991

Hessel, Peter D.K., From Ottawa With Love : glimpses of Canada's capital through early picture postcards, National Capital Commission, 1979

Hodgson, Carol, Billings Bridge: A Sketch of the Village 1830-1950, self, 1998

Hopewell Avenue School, Hopewell Avenue Public School, 75th Anniversary Yearbook - 1984/85, Hopewell Parents and Teachers Organization and the Hopewell Avenue School Student Council, 1985

Koltun, Lilly, editor, Private Realms of Light, Amateur Photography in Canada/1839-1940, Fitzhenry & Whiteside 1984
- Based on a 1983 exhibit at Public Archives Canada, Ottawa, the book features B&W photographers by amateur photographers from across Canada, and includes several from the Ottawa area, notably James Ballantyne, daughter Isa May Ballantyne and William Ide. A series of essays by Archives staff examine the craft of amateur photography through 5 distinct periods from 1839 through 1940, accompanied by approximately 300 plates. Short biographies of photographers and a biblography. A small handful of photographs of relevence to Old Ottawa South, Old Ottawa East and Billings Bridge.

Knowles, The Ottawa Car Company, Bytown Railway Society

Leaning, John, The Story of the Glebe, self, 1999

Legget, Robert, Rideau Waterway, 2nd ed., University of Toronto Press, 1986, millenium reprint 2001
Comprehensive treatment of both the history and present day reality of the Rideau Canal by its foremost authority. Bibliography and appendices provide additional reference material. Of particular relevance is chapter 11, The Canal in Ottawa: Hog's Back to the Ottawa River, and especially pg 233 which details the wooden footbridge and ferry row-boat that crossed the canal near Clegg and 5th Ave in the early to mid-20th century.

photos from Ottawa Citizen:
pg 240 "His Holiness Pope John Paul II appraoching the centre of the city on his arrival in Ottawa in October 1984";
pg 234 bottom "Steamboats on the Waterway again! Leaving Dows Lake, two of the flotilla of steam-operated launcges assembled to ark the 150th anniversary of the opening of the canal in 1982"

Legget, Robert, Canadian Railways in Pictures, Douglas & McIntyre 1977
An eclectic mix of railway photos from all across Canada and covering many diverse themes. Includes 3 Ottawa area images, nothing specific to Old Ottawa South.

Miguelez, Alain, A Theatre Near You - 150 Years of Going to the Show in Ottawa-Gatineau, Nenumbra Press, 2004
Fascinating, thorough survey of Ottawa movie theatres including the Mayfair (8 pgs) and the Strand (3 pgs) from Old Ottawa South with several nice B&W pictures of the Mayfair. Bibliography, footnotes but no index.

Mullington, Dave, Chain of Office - Biographical Sketches of the Early Mayors of Ottawa (1847 - 1948)
Amusing and fascinating portraits of the first 48 mayors of Ottawa. Small relevence to Old Ottawa South, Hopewell Avenue and the public school were named after Mayor Charles Hopewell (1909-12), who unfortunately commited suicide by drowning in the Ottawa River where his body was discovered. Mayor D'Arcy Scott presided over the annexation of Rideauville and Ottawa South to the City of Ottawa on December 16, 1907.

National Archives of Canada, Private Realms of Light/Le Coeur au m?tier

National Capital Commission, Early Days in the Ottawa Country, 1967, reprinted 1971 - a short comprehensive history of Ottawa, Hull and the surrounding region, includes about 20 excellent photos, maps and illustrations, and a gazzeteer of place names. At least two different version exist, text appears to be identical, but none of the images are the same. No specific details for Old Ottawa South.

Onoszko, Alex, Aerial Views of Ottawa, 1968

Ottawa Local Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee, Ottawa : a guide to heritage structures, City of Ottawa, 2000
Profiles of designated heritage buildings and properties in the old City of Ottawa. A new edition is planned for some point in the future to include all the buildings and properties in the newly amalgamated City of Ottawa. Contains 8 buildings in Old Ottawa South.

Ottawa Public Library, OPL scrapbooks : Ottawa history, volumes 1 - 7
Scrapbooks of newspaper clippings related to the history of the City of Ottawa from Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa Journal and other papers, e.g. news items, letters to the editor, display ads

OSCA, Essential Guide to Old Ottawa South, 1999

Paine, Cecelia, History of the Billings Property, June, 1979, hand drawn and reproduction maps of Billings area including Old Ottawa South, shows details of Concession C, Nepean Township, Rideau Front, lots K, L, M, especially Billings et all ownership of lot M.

Peck, Mary E., From War to Wnterlude - 150 Years on the Rideau Canal, Public Archives Canada 1982
History of the Rideau Canal told through an exhibition presented by Public Archives Canada and reproducted in book form. Consists of historical documents and photos through three phases: construction (military phase), commerce and industry, and recreation. Several B&W photos of scenes in vicinity of Old Ottawa South.

Pelot, Gérard, and Bernard Pelot, Billings Bridge, mon village, ma vie, Les écrits d'Or, 1999

Reid, Richar M. ed., The Upper Ottawa Valley, Carleton University Press 1990
Rich and detailed account of the European settlement of the Ottawa River Valley including the Rideau River from roughly Ottawa and upstream through 1855, the formal inauguration of the City of Ottawa. Gives equal treatment to the various townships in Bathurst District and Carleton County. No specific details for Old Ottawa South, and surprisingly little coverage of the Billings family settlement and Billings Bridge.

Ricketts, Shannon, Leslie Maitland and Jacqueline Hucker, A Guide to Canadian Architectural Styles, 2nd ed., Broadview Press, 2004
Thorough overview of architectural styles in Canada, richly illustrated with a generous number of B&W photos, glossary, bibliography. Includes a number of well known Ottawa landmarks and a photo and description of the Firehall, old No. 10 Fire Station, pg 157, in a short section on Spanish Colonial Revival style.

Rooney, Joan McEvoy, Historical Homes and Buildings of the Billings Bridge Community - A Self-Guided Tour, Association of Friends of the Billings Estate Museum, 2004
- Short 30 pg booklet that describes a walking tour of 26 historial homes and buildings of the Billings Bridge area. Relevant as the early communities of Billings Bridge and (Old) Ottawa South pre-1900 shared a fair degree of overlap, e.g. church congregations, school enrolement, businesses, and the City of Ottawa wasn't yet the dominant centre, and the Glebe was far less developed and settled.

Schade, Hellmut W., A Gateway to Canadian Architecture, 2nd ed, Scholastic Slide Services, Ottawa, 1984
An index of over 17,600 slides of Canadian architecture taken by and available from Hellmut Schade of Scholastic Slide Services in Ottawa, as of the date of publication, 1984. Arranged by province, city and building type. In the Ottawa listing there are 12 entries directly relevant to Old Ottawa South, with a number of other generic group entries that could in an outside chance be relevant.

Scott, R. Patrick "Mike", The Rideau Canoe Club - A Century of Paddling 1902 - 2002, Carleton University Graphic Services, 2002
Primarily a history of the paddlers and the competitions they attended, includes a brief first chapter on the history of the club 1902 - 1947 when it occupied first a clubhouse on the Rideau Canal at 5th Ave, and briefly a building in Lansdowne Park. Includes a number of historical photos of the clubhouse and canal area from that period. Relevent for recreational use of canal in urban setting.

Seaver, Kathy, Nancy Gover, Nancy Passy, and Wilma Viens, A brief history of the Billings family, 1812-1975 (1986; reprint Ottawa: Billings Estate Museum, 2001)

Seaver, Kathy. History of the Billings Family, manuscript on file, City of Ottawa Archives, Ottawa, ON, ALP 0624.
Detailed account of each family member through five generations, extensive footnotes, short bibliography, index, photo index of 33 items (sadly not sourced)

Seaver, K. M., Tracing the history of your house in Ottawa, City of Ottawa Archives, 2003

Stewart, McLeod, The first half century of Ottawa, Esdale Press, 1910

Sylvestre, Paul-Fran?ois, 130 years of dedication to excellence : the Ottawa Roman Catholic Separate School Board, Ottawa Roman Catholic Separate School Board, 1986
Contains a photo "COA CA-4293 - Parents and teachers working hand in hand - St. Margaret Mary's School PTA in 1954" and lists St. Margaret Mary school in an inventory of schools, doesn't make any other mention of OOS.

Taylor, John, Ottawa, an illustrated history, J. Lorimer and Canadian Museum of Civilization, National Museums of Canada, 1986

Tulloch, Judith, The Rideau Canal: Defense, Transport and Recreation, History and Archaeology manuscript #50, National Historic Parks and Sites Branch, Parks Canada, Environment Canada, 1981
Covering the period 1832 to 1914 this manuscript makes very limited mention of the Old Ottawa South stretch of the canal, but does discuss various aspects of Hartwell and Hogs Back Locks. Notwithstanding the title, there is rather little discussion of recreational aspects of the canal. Extensive footnotes provide a number of interesting leads to pursue for background information that might be relevant to OOS. Requires an in depth review of full text and footnotes, perhaps in the context of a canal specific research project, in order to tease out any OOS specific details.

Van de Wetering, Marion, An Ottawa Album: Glimpses of the Way We Were, Hounslow Press, 1997

Walker, Harry & Oliver, Carleton Saga

Welch, Edwin, Sights and Surveys - Two Diarists on the Rideau, Historical Society of Ottawa, 1979
Diary-style first hand account of survey work done for Rideau canal by John MacTaggart and John Burrows, with short introductary overview of survey work and canal building of that period in history. MacTaggart's first survey covered the line between Entrace Valley and Hogs Back, including areas adjacent to Old Ottawa South, thus provides possibly the only pre-canal account of this aspect of Old Ottawa South.


Map of Ottawa area, Geological Society of Canada, 1901, Glebe rare books, copy for $85
Map of the City of Ottawa and Vicinity, scale 1000'=1", Order in Council #1802, June 26, 1912, Cauchon & Haycock Consulting Engineers, CUML 1226.2 T31 1912, shows streetcar lines
Map of Ottawa and Hull also Suburbs, scale 2500'=1", Mortimer Company Ltd., 1929, CUML 1226.2 T31 1929, shows streetcar stops
Map of the City of Ottawa and Vicinity, scale 800'=1", City of Ottawa, April 27, 1936, 3rd revision, April 1940, serial no 37327, CUML 1226.2 T31 1936, shows streetcar lines
Ottawa - Hull and Vicinity, scale 2000'=1", National Capital Planning Service (J. Greber), 1946, CUML 1226.2 T31 1946
Ottawa, no scale, Alert Advertising, 109 Holland Park Ave, Toronto, Ontario, CUML 1226.4 T14 194?
Tourist Map of Ottawa, scale 1:23,000, Tourism and Convention Bureau, CUML 1226.2 T31 195? or 194?
Plan of Rideau Park, Alexander Muchmor, subdivision in Billings Village property adjacent to Sabra Billings estate, 1891, includes map of City of Ottawa, shows Rideauville and Ottawa South, City of Ottawa Archives

Bibliography - not core to OSHP


Beckman, Margaret, Stephen Langmead, John Black, The Best Gift - A Record of the Carnegie Libraries in Ontario, Dundurn Press, Toronto, 1984
Thorough account of the Carnegie library philanthropy in Ontario, the grant applications, the building architecture, design and construction process. Photographs of each library and many floorplan illustrations. Index and bibliography. Some interesting details on the two Ottawa Cargenie librarys, Main (since demolished) and West Branch (now knows as Rosemount).

Bush, Edward Forbes - Commercial Navigation on the Rideau Canal, 1832-1961 (History and Archaeology vol no. 54, National Historic Parks and Sites Branch, Parks Canada 1981
Very thorough treatment of commercial navigation on the Rideau Canal, mercifully avoids any mention of the planning and construction of the canal. Numerous B&W photos, 70 pg inventory of canal vessels. Extensive bibliography and appendices, footnotes.

Department of Energy and Resource Management (Ontario) - History of the Rideau Waterway, Toronto, 1970
Account of the planning and construction of the Rideau Canal, with a short closing chapter on commercial and recreational uses. Small number of B&W photos, bibliography.

Grainger, Robert, Early Days in Westboro Beach - Reflections and Images, Westboro Beach Community Association, 2005
Defining example of what could and should be produced for Old Ottawa South. Do we have the capacity to produce this?

Legget, Robert F., Canals of Canada, Douglas, David and Charles Ltd., 1976
A general survey of canals built or planned, predominately in Eastern and Atlantic Canada. Chapter 4 treats the Ottawa and Rideau River canals but with little or no unique material. Very limited footnotes, citations or references make this volume of limited use for research. Table of selected years freight tonnage through Rideau Canal, among others.

Haydon, Andrew, Pioneer Sketches in the District of Bathurst, Global Heritage Press 2003, historical reprint of Ryerson Press ed., 1925
A charming set of historical sketches of various aspects of pioneer life in the Ottawa Valley in the district of Bathurst. Districts were an early administrative unit in the 19th century. The Bathurst district comprised parts of present day Carleton and Lanark counties, and possibly other adjacent counties.

Taylor, C. J., et al, Some Early Ottawa Buildings, Manuscript Report Number 268, National Historic Parks and Sites Branch, Parks Canada 1975
Architectural profile and photos of 63 buildings in downtown Ottawa, federal and municipal government buildings, railway station, hotels, businesses, private homes. Several other notable buildings have photo only including Park Hill, the Billings family home, now the Billings Estate. No buildings in Old Ottawa South, Old Ottawa East or the Glebe are profiled. Very brief mention of residential building style in Old Ottawa South and Glebe: "In general, most houses built in this period [1900-1914] did not differ this strikingly from those built in the previous era. They are characterised by a less steeply pitched roof and a common feature of this period is a gambrel roof, often with an additional gambrel gable. This type of house is very prevalent in the Glebe and in Ottawa South." 

Bibliography - need to assess/review

ALP 0029 The Billings Estate Landscape Preservation Master Plan. Ottawa,ON,Canada : City of Ottawa,1981. Gruenwoldt-Copeland Associates Ltd., Cecelia R. Paine, Eriksson Padolsky Architects.

ALP 0109  The Landscape of the Billings Estate : Its Settlement and Evolution. 1st ed. Ottawa, ON, Canada : Unpublished,1980.

ALP 0145 The Billings Estate Landscape Inventory : Final Report. 1st ed. Ottawa, ON, Canada : unknown, 1981. Gruenwoldt-Copeland Associates Ltd., Cecelia R. Paine, Eriksson Padolsky Architects.

Bell, John, Ottawa: A Literary Portrait
Collection of 31 short stories (or essays?) featuring Ottawa as the setting or the subject. Need to investigate if this includes any stories about Old Ottawa South or any of our sister neighbourhoods. Includes a rich survey (in the introduction and a closing further readings) of authors either from Ottawa, moved to Ottawa, writing stories set in Ottawa or about Ottawa. Need to investigate all these authors other works as well.

Tracing the history of your house in Ottawa — Connaître l'histoire de sa maison ottavienne.
The Rideau route : exploring the pre-canal waterway, by Ken W. Watson

Each Morning Bright

Histoire de l'Outaouais

The Upper Ottawa Valley to 1855

Homes & interiors of the 1920's, Lee Valley Tools, 1987, 439p
Originally published under title: Building with assurance, Chicago : Morgan, 1921.

Miscellaneous items held in hard copy by JMC

Minton, Eric, Ottawa South, Habitat (CMHC), vol 8, no 1, pgs 26-29

OSCAR, vol 1, no 1, pgs 1-2, 4-7

Old Time Stuff, 28 March 1931
- Echo Drive as it Was in Seventies When it Was the "Canal Bank Road"
- Canal Fatality of Seventies
- Old Bank St. School Section No. 1 Nepean
Dr. Ira Bower mentioned in all three stories

Old Time Stuff, 21 February 1931
- Ottawa South's First School Erected in 1872, photo of school
- Miles Were Canadian Miles English Emigrant Informed (Robert or Richard Dore, 36 Belmont Ave)

Old Time Stuff, 30 May, 1931
- A Part of Ottawa South Was Known as Oakland Heights

Captial Ward Neighbourhood Study - Existing Conditions Report - Ottawa South / Sud
Department of Community Development, Planning Branch, City of Ottawa
Ottawa South Planner: Stanley Wilder; Written by: Jane Scott
February, 1978
68 pgs, bibliography, richly illustrated with photos, numerous maps and charts
index and map of Bank St businesses

OPL South/Sunnyside Branch
- newspaper clipping from Ottawa Scrapbook, 2 ads, 2 letters to editor
- 2 letters from Librarian, 1 letter from Ottaw South Municipal Association
- city memos regarding renovation of South Branch
- Ottawa Public Library - Branch Services Development Plan - South Branch redevelopment plan, 15 pgs, OPL Ref(O) 022.3371384 / 089

Report of the Federal Plan Commission on a General Plan for the Cities of Ottawa and Hull (Holt report)
- extracts pertaining to Rideau Canal, pgs 134-140

Hessel, Peter D.K., From Ottawa With Love : glimpses of Canada's capital through early picture postcards, National Capital Commission, 1979
- pgs 12-13, 16-17, 86-89, 98-99

Paine, Cecilia, The History of the Billings Property, June, 1979, 14pgs
- topographic and hand-drawn terrain maps

Parks Canada, NCC, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, City of Ottawa, The Canal Promenade - Partnership Exhibit Project, 2000-2001, 29pgs
- text and images of the 19 canal interpretive panals

Hodgson, Carol, Billings Bridge: A Sketch of the Village 1830-1950, 43pgs + appendices
- 8pgs of endnotes, 2pgs bibliography, appendices are missing, no images

Rogers, Marion, Chapel of the Monastery of the Precious Blood, 1978

Harvey, Bob, Nuns bid adieu to local home, Ottawa Citizen

Millett, Ralph S., The History of Southminster United Church, 1860-1972, 32pgs
- includes short list of photos held on file at church offce as of manuscript publication date

Items to look up

Ottawa South Walkabout, Ottawa Journal, Friday, November 7, 1975

M.A. Thesis, Michael J. Purdy, Carleton University, 1972

Trinity Anglican Church, Ottawa - Highlights in the Story of the Parish, 1976

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