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Old Ottawa South has had many bridges spanning the neighbourhood boundaries over the years.

[Note: Some links below require updating]

Bank Street (Canal) Bridge

  LAC H.J. Woodside photo PA16798 of Bank Street bridge in 1913

  LAC W.J. Topley photo PA9197 of view from the old Bank Street bridge

  Bank Street Bridge Rehabilitation 1993

Billings Bridge

Bronson Bridge

  LAC W.J. Topley photo PA9969 of Bronson Avenue swing bridge in 1911

  A bridgeman's quest for home improvement

Footbridge over the Canal

   Photos from one of the annual construction efforts

   Saga of the Winter Footbridge crossing

Munsey Bridge

  A couple of views of the Munsie (Munsey) station

  Munsey's Bridge description

  Colin Churcher's Railway Pages treatment of the Munsey Bridge

O-Train Bridge at Carleton University

  St. Lawrence and Ottawa Railway "White" Bridge historic bridge

Mutchmore Bridge (never constructed)

  Mutchmore Bridge bridge plans

Rideau Waterways

  A description of some of the Historical Bridges on the Rideau Waterways System

George Dunbar Bridge

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