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Books (or extracts)

  • An Ottawa chronology / compiled by Courtney C. J. Bond, in 2 volumes - a subject index in to local Ottawa newspapers (Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa Journal) in the period 1900 to 1983. This will be a very valuable asset to have digitized as it will allow easy searching for terms throughout the two volumes. Available at OPL Ottawa Room
  • Capital Ward Neighbourhood Study - Existing Conditions Report - Ottawa South/Sud - Department of Community Development, Planning Branch, City of Ottawa, February 1978. A very nice snapshot of the community 30 years ago. Includes a few heritage tidbits, maps 2 (Heritage) and 8 (Bank St Businesses) would be most useful. Available at OPL Ottawa Room. Need to find photograph originals to get sufficient quality digital images of pictures.
  • Ottawa City Council Minutes - compile a list of aldermen, controllers, and mayors serving or residing in Old Ottawa South

Newspaper articles

Ottawa Journal

Apr 6, 1928 (Friday) - Scenes Along Rideau As River...(column caption) Waters Recede As River Seeks Normal Route (also continues on pg 19 col. 5, and possibly pg 2)

Photographs & graphic material

City of Ottawa Archives

CA-Bill-885 (Gwen Richards Collection) - Merkley Brickyard looking north across Rideau River with Ottawa South in distance

CA-Bill-873 - Ottawa Dairy's ice house, April 1926, Bowesville Rd flooded around ice house



Ottawa Motor Boat Association

Order in Council PC 982, 25 April 1912 - LAC Records of the Privy Council Office RG2 Series 1 - lease of Rideau Canal frontage along Echo Drive between Riverdale and Bank St to Ottawa Motor Boat Association


Rideau River

"The 1915 Rideau River Interceptor Collector Study designed the first interceptor to divert sewage from the Rideau River to the Ottawa River.  The same report identified the need to protect the river from the ‘dirty’ first flush of stormwater." from http://www.ottawa.ca/calendar/ottawa/citycouncil/occ/2006/11-22/arac/ACS2006-PGM-POL-0080.htm



OPL Ottawa Room

  • Ottawa flashbacks / selected by Tom Morin
  • Special report of the Ottawa Improvement Commission from its inception in 1899 to March 31st, 1912
  • The Capital of Canada, parks and driveways / Ottawa Improvement Commission
  • Ottawa illustrated : recent glimpses of noteworthy buildings and statistics of the progress of the capital of the Dominion of Canada
  • Art work on Ottawa, Canada / William H. Carre
  • In celebration of the year 2000, the Ottawa Citizen presents a historical look at Ottawa / The Ottawa Citizen
  • The Rideau Canal before 1900 / by R.F. McMillan (Bytown Pamphlet Series, no. 37)
  • Ottawa past and present / by Alexander Herbert Douglas (A.H.D.) Ross, Ottawa : Thorburn & Abbott, 1927, 224 p. : ill.
  • Central Canada Exhibition Association through 65 years, 1888-1953 / Central Canada Exhibition Association. Exhibition, 1954
  • Architecture of W.E. Noffke / Harold Kalman, Joan Mackie, 1976


Nepean Centrepointe

  • Archives and manuscripts held by the Historical Society of Ottawa : 1995 supplement to 1981 edition of the Archives guide / Historical Society of Ottawa

Newspaper & Magazine articles

Ottawa Citizen

Dec 3, 1932 - Mayfair Theatre Opens Monday Night to 'The Blue Danube'

May 20, 1949 - Open new cinema in Ottawa South


Ottawa Journal

Jun 11, 1904, pg 3 - appearance of the long narrow craft propelled by a pole, apparently a punt of some description 

Jan 17, 1970 - The Williams House (Rideau Gardens) 

Aug 5, 1972 - Ottawa South: After 50 Years, Mellowed But Unbowed

May 26, 1977 - Movie House Goes Porno (Mayfair) 


Apr 1977, pg1 - Sunnyside Up 

Ottawa Magazine

Dec 1982 - A Film-Goer's Primer to the City's Cinemas, by Mark Henderson

Ottawa Sunday Herald

Apr 14, 1985 - Theatre Offers Most Affordable Movie Prices in the Capital, by Mark Henderson

Globe & Mail

terms: rideau river island - already searched Jan 1/1920 - July 3/1935
terms: rideau river - already searched Jan 1/1930 - Feb 6/1935

Photographs & graphic material

Library and Archives Canada


Ottawa City Archives
CA-7796 - The Leota on the Rideau Canal


Archives of Ontario 

Tweedsmuir Histories, esp Joyceville reel 8, 28 Aug 1951- four naval Fairmiles, 112-foot vessels, travelled through Rideau canal from Kingston to Ottawa


"Ottawa in Maps - A Brief Cartographical History of Ottawa, 1825 - 1973" Thomas L. Nagy, National Map Collection, PAC, 1974 including:

  • colour version of "Plan and section by actual survey of the Rideau River and part of the Ottawa River from Kettle Island to Black Rapids shewing the line of the Rideau Canal from Entrance Bay to the Black Rapids", Lt. Colonel John By, 1828
  • Insurance Plan of Ottawa, Ontario, June 1878, Chas. E. Goad Sheet No. 33
  • Map of the City of Ottawa, P. Ontario, and the City of Hull, P. Quebec, and their adjacent suburbs, Compiled by John A. Snow and Son. Provincial Land Surveyors and C. Engs. published by Mortimer & Co.
  • Map of the City of Ottawa, Ont. (The water power-lumber-centre & Capital of Canada) Plan of the City of Ottawa [lower right hand corner], published by C. Fred McAlpine Company, 127 Metcalfe St. Ottawa, Ont. 1911
  • Map of the City if Ottawa and vicinity, Prepared under the authority of Order in Council No. 1802, dated June 26th, 1912, Cauchon & Haycock Consulting Engineers, March 17th, 1913
  •  Map of Ottawa and Hull, also suburbs, Aylmer, Britannia, Carlington, Deschenes, Eastview, Gatineau Point, McKellar, Rockcliffe, Westboro, Woodroffe, Mortimer Company Limited, 1929
  • Map showing industrial areas expropriated after Ottawa annexed large parts of Gloucester and Nepean Townships, effective Jan 1, 1950
  • N.C.C. Map of Ottawa/Carte d'Ottawa C.C.N. (front) Ottawa & environs The National Capital/La capitale nationale, Published by the Information and Historical Division of the NCC, 1962


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