Old Ottawa South Community Association

Minutes of 16 January 2019 Meeting

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Present:                      Barbara Brown (chair), Catherine Read, Anna Cuylitis, Maura Giuliani (minutes)

Regrets:                      Helen Lynn, Christine Franklin, Fran Mowbray

Agenda items:                      

  1. Agenda approval                 

Agenda approved

  1. Minutes approval                

Minutes approved with changes (in *items 6 and 8)

  1. Snow Mole Audit                 

Positive elements:    public response, postering, staff input, OSCAR coverage was excellent, with the Snow Mole audit on the front page                  

Possible improvements:  posters could have been out earlier, format of questionnaire unsatisfactory (needs more specificity) – Maura to take a whack at it, recognizing that it belongs to Council on Aging

Next Audit:  Tuesday, 12 February, 10 am at the Firehall.

Advertising:  Committee members will get posters up a week ahead, staff will update. Anna will do a report for the next OSCAR.  Those who participated in the January audit will get an email about the February audit.

Councillor/rep invitation: Shaw Menard & Miles Krauter will be invited to next audit.

  1. Hiring of HS Student

Anna met with Sophie Milner last week and has spoken to Christie re protocols around working with a student.  Christy will be away for the next few weeks and has delegated this to Sara, her deputy, whom Anna will consult re protocols, contracting, liabilities, etc. We could ask Sophie for suggestions to improve our website content and use of social media.  Anna will draw up terms of reference.

  1. Pot Lucks and Social Connections

There was a wide-ranging discussion of this, with an acknowledgment that local pot lucks are and have been happening independently in many OOS neighborhoods.  Catherine will collect info about variations on this theme and could perhaps work up a future article for OSCAR.

  1. Correspondence       

Anna is dealing with Snow Mole correspondence (to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

  1. SWOOS column in OSCAR            

February and March – reports on Snow Mole project     

April – map of Bank Street showing benches, bus stops, toilets, gardens, etc. 

  1. SWOOS info hub
  2. Updates on Housing, Impact Hours …

We will continue to monitor these issues

  1. Next Meeting

27 February 2019, 7-9 pm at Firehall.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm

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