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Minutes of 26 February 2019 Meeting

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Present:      Catherine Read, Anna Cuylitis (chair), Christine Franklin, Maura Giuliani (minutes)

Agenda items:                      

  1. Welcome
  2. Agenda approval                 

Agenda approved

  1. Minutes approval                

Previously approved online

  1. Items for discussion:

Snow Mole audit:  Anna has tabulated the results of the audit and will integrate those with the presentation to the Transportation Committee

Presentation to Transportation Committee on March 1:  The potential power point presentation was discussed, and points to be pressed included:

            Need for more grit, especially on sloping sidewalks                 

            Windrows must be cleared

            Saltboxes need to be more numerous, more accessible and clearly labelled

            Bus stops should have higher priority

Update to Mission Statement -- The Mission Statement now reads as below and will be reviewed again before the AGM:

Old Ottawa South is a great community for young and old, but strives to become truly Age Friendly in terms of:

  • Walkability
    • Snow removal, salting/gritting of sidewalks
    • Timing of walk signals
    • Accessibility, benches, washrooms available to public
  • Social Connection
    • Promoting social get togethers/community participation
    • Support for making the Firehall a more welcoming space
    • Establishing “buddy benches”
  • Housing
    • Promoting accessibility in the home
    • Informing our community on cohousing and co-op housing
    • Supporting inclusionary zoning that supports seniors
  • Health and Quality of Life
  • Providing information about available health resources
  • Supporting exercise classes suitable for seniors
  • Maintaining a working relationship with health networks, Abbotsford House and the Council on Aging

Upcoming articles for OSCAR

Catherine is writing one, including two maps, on OOS as a living space with features that make it a vibrant community.

  1. New Initiatives:   Anna is working on the possibility of hiring student volunteers
  2. Membership:  Fran Mowbray will become an adjunct member

Next meeting:  25 March 2019

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