Old Ottawa South Community Association

Minutes of 25 March 2019 Meeting

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Present:     Barbara Brown, Anna Cuylitis (chair), Christine Franklin,  Maura Giuliani (minutes), Roger Peters (observer) , Catherine Read 

Regrets:        Helen Lynn

Agenda items:

  1. Welcome
  2. Agenda 

            Agenda approved                

  1. Minutes                     

Minutes approved   

  1. Items for discussion

The “Goals & Objectives” (a blueprint for the May AGM) actually absorbed the bulk of this meeting.  We went over the document piece by piece, amending and changing the wording.  Anna kept track of changes and will circulate the final draft.

  1. Volunteers                 

Christine reported that “Impact Hours” has 3 opportunities with OSCA posted (these are for volunteers 55+).  Anna noted that although SWOOS could use some help, there are procedural problems involved with engaging high school students.    

  1. Upcoming articles for OSCAR

Christine will prepare an article on “Intergenerational Day” for the  May issue

Barbara will prepare an article for June on neighborhood gatherings.

  1. Next meeting:  29 April 2019

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