Old Ottawa South Community Association

Minutes of 28 August 2019 Meeting

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Present:     Barbara Brown, Anna Cuylitis (chair), Christine Franklin, Maura Giuliani (minutes), Catherine Read          Regrets:   Helen Lynn

Agenda items:

  1. Agenda 

            Agenda approved                

  1. Minutes                     

Minutes approved, with minor corrections to be made by Barbara.   

  1. Items for Updates & Discussion            
  • iGen bench to be installed in October
  • Re. Winter Walkability App:  Peter is preparing the current app concept for a “hackathon” organised by Random Hacks of Kindness in October. If successful, Carleton U. is interested in providing support with additional development.
  • Intergenerational social connections: Christine shared that iGenOttawa is currently developing priorities for 2019/2020, with consideration being given to possible initiatives involving schools and retirement homes. The iGenOttawa website is being updated to shift focus from Intergenerational Day to year-round and will include iGen volunteering resources with a link to Impact Hours. Following discussion of “friendly visitor to a senior” volunteer opportunity listed by South-East Ottawa Comm Health Ctr and programs at the Glebe Centre, MG to check w/CCHC re activity.
  • Trinity Program – Meals will start in September, on Thursdays.  Catherine will attend and possibly report in November OSCAR.
  • Housing:  Anna and Terry met with our M.P., Catherine McKenna, on August 28. The Member appeared supportive of the SWOOS iGen Community Rental Apartment concept that could start with a pilot project in or near Old Ottawa South. She mentioned that it would be suitable to present the concept to the Minister for Seniors. (The timing for this needs to be after the October elections)
  1. Ideas for future OSCAR columns
  • Health issues are in limbo for the moment.  
  • October:  follow-up on meeting with Minister McKenna
  • November:  exercise classes at the RA?
  1. Report on correspondence - the SWOOS gmail account is strangely quiet but does not need a new password.
  2. Next meeting:  Wednesday, 2 October 2019

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