Old Ottawa South Community Association

Minutes of 2 October 2019 Meeting

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Present:     Anna Cuylitis (chair), Sian Fitzgerald, Christine Franklin, Maura Giuliani (minutes),         Terry Hunsley, Niki di Vito, Peter Wells

Regrets:        Barbara Brown, Helen Lynn, Catherine Read

Agenda items:

  1. Agenda:         Agenda approved                
  2. Minutes:        Minutes approved    
  3. Items for updates & discussion:
  • Gen Bench installation to take place in week of October 6.  Anna will be away, but Catherine will be the contact.  Placement of the bench should be between the two southerly trees in front of Hopewell on Bank Street.
  • Development of Winter Walkability app – continues through the RHoK Hackathon, taking place Oct 25-27.  Presentation of the concept will happen Friday night and teams will work on architecture all day Saturday.  Full development comes later, but on Sunday the results are open to the public.
  • iGen Community Rental Housing – this item will be in limbo until after the October 21st election.
  • Intergenerational Social Connections:  Senior Day at the Firehall was a considerable success, with some 20 attendees.  The children were engaged to decorate and bake, which was much appreciated. Christine mentioned a possible gathering “to get ready for winter” in November, with a notice in the Nov. OSCAR.
  1. Midterm review of Goals and Objectives:   This was done item by item, noting achievements and changes, and will be updated by Anna.
  2. Report on correspondence and need for an active electronic network:  Peter raised the practicality of having SWOOS piggyback on OSCA’s communications programs.  Sian and Christine will check into this.
  3. Future SWOOS columns:  Catherine is writing one for November on the RA exercise program for senior women.  The December article will be on Snow Moles; in the new year, Catherine will write another article on various gym classes in the area.  Christine will write on iGen in May.
  4. Next meeting:  Wednesday, 6 November 2019.

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