Old Ottawa South Community Association

Minutes of 6 November 2019 Meeting

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Present:    Barbara Brown, Anna Cuylits (chair), Sian Fitzgerald, Maura Giuliani (minutes),  Helen Lynn,  Catherine Read,  Janet Stevens 

Regrets:       Christine Franklin, Terry Hunsley, Niki di Vito

 Agenda items:

  1. Agenda:         Agenda approved with additions             
  2. Minutes:        Minutes approved    
  3. Items for updates & discussion:
  • Gen Bench successfully installed (after a few hiccups).
  • RHoK Hackathon successfully initiated the development of the winter walkability app and work is ongoing.
  • Council on Aging Snow Moles kick off will take place Dec 4th. Potential date for first snow audit is Jan 14. Peggy Edwards will write an article for January OSCAR.
  • iGen Community Rental Housing – this item is still in limbo.
  • Bus stops on Sunnyside: The stop at Grosvenor (where there is an awkward incline) s expected to move to Leonard.
  • Landsdowne meeting: Barbara reported on the public meeting around OSEG proposal to take over Parks Dept responsibilities at Landsdowne Place.  This meeting attracted some 500members of the public and prompted a 6-month delay in action.  There is very real concern that this is merely a delay; members were encouraged to contact FEDCO.
  • Social Connections:  SWOOS members had been invited to attend a meeting of the "Community Pillars". This committee consists of representatives from the library, the 3 churches, Shawn Menard's office, Joel Harden's office and the Firehall.  Each organization tends to operate in individual “silos”.  (This group may be expanded to include the Colonel By residence, Empathy House and the Social Housing group on Riverdale.)  The meeting proposed that greater
    communication and cooperation would avoid overlap and meet the needs of more isolated individual in OOS. To this end, each group, at the next meeting November 29), will provide a one-page outline of what programs they offer or propose to offer (one-page deadline, 25 November to Christy).  SWOOS plans to put together a submission to this committee.  Sian raised the possibility of providing volunteers to help occupants of the Colonel ByResidence interact with the community (She is willing to represent Colonel By.)
  • SWOOS component in OOS website:  We need to update material on the website and develop contact lists for inclusion in OSCA’s Mailchimp service.  Peter has made a start; Maura and Anna will work on names from our email traffic.  Everyone is expected to look at the current pages and bring back suggestions at the next meeting.
  1. Future SWOOS columns:  December: Hackathon;  January:  Snow Mole Audit;  February: Snow Mole Report; March: exercise classes for seniors, April: Community Pillars; May:  iGen.
  2. Next meeting:  Monday, 9 December 2019, 7:30 pm at Anna’s.

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