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Senior Watch Old Ottawa South Minutes of 6 January 2020 Meeting

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Barbara Brown, Anna Cuylits (chair), Sian Fitzgerald, Christine Franklin, Maura Giuliani (minutes), Helen Lynn, Catherine Read
Niki di Vito

Agenda items:

  1. Agenda: Agenda approved
  2. Minutes: Minutes approved
  3. Items for updates & discussion:
    • Winter Walkability: Snow Mole audit will be on January 14th; Councillor Shawn Menard will be invited. Most indicated ability to participate. Anna has asked for poster reproduction from OSCA. We can pick these up at the firehall. It was agreed that 5-6 days before the event would be fine for postering.
    • Winter Walkability app: This is still in production (probably not ready for the 14th). There was discussion of the need to indicate conditions without cluttering the screen and to include conditions at intersections.
    • SWOOS first “public transport” report: This report by Lida Malinowski is a followup to the public meeting held Dec 18 at the Firehall. Anna will touch base with Lida before passing on to Shawn Menard’s office our general feeling that 2-way bus traffic on Sunnyside is problematic and that double-deck buses on the #7 route are difficult for seniors. This will be shared with the Traffic & Safety Committee.
    • (Intergenerational) Social Connections: Discussion was based on ‘reports’ from pillar organizations. Sian will approach Colonel By about participation (not requiring staff time), including possible escorts to concerts at Southminster (in better weather). Barbara will assemble mailing lists used for block parties. Christine is following up on bench projects.
    • Housing: There will be an article in the Feb OSCAR and a survey on housing needs in OOS will carry on over several months. The Glebe CA will host a Housing Information Session (by COA) in April, an event we can promote and support.
  4. Feedback on SWOOS webpage: Definitely needs a redesign. Maura and Anna will work with Chris Lawson to achieve this as part of the overall redesign scheduled for the OSCA webpage.
  5. Next Meeting: Wednesday, 12 February 2020 at Firehall

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