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Senior Watch Old Ottawa South Minutes of 11 March 2020 Meeting

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Present:    Anna Cuylits (chair), Niki di Vito Sian Fitzgerald, Christine Franklin, Maura Giuliani (minutes), Catherine Read     /     Regrets: Barbara Brown   /     On hold: Helen Lynn

 Agenda items:

  1. Agenda:         Agenda added to.  Item 5b: Budget
  2. Minutes:        Minutes approved  
  3. Updates on our priorities:
  • Winter Walkability:  Anna will present the results of the Snow Mole audit to the Transportation Committee. 
  1. Winter walkability app:  Development of the App has been suspended and Peter Wells, who has done a great deal of work on it, has stepped down.
  2. Public Transportation OOS:  Response from our Councillor’s office has been slow, although we recognize that there are many pressures on the city right now.  The 2 principal concerns are (1) rerouting the #7 Eastbound away  from Grove and (2) moving the bus stop west of Bank on Sunnyside closer to Leonard.  SWOOS is interested in the traffic issues from a seniors’ perspective.
  • Intergenerational Social Connections:  
  1. Community Pillars and Covid-19:   Although this generated considerable discussion, not much has occurred.  Contact lists have not been shared.
  2. Update Trinity Church:  Trinity has received a New Horizons grant to support their lunch program and is looking for volunteers to help.  There is a meeting scheduled for 22 March at noon.  Anna, Catherine and Maura will attend.
  3. Carleton U interested in iGen initiatives:  No concrete proposal yet, Christine will follow up.
  • Housing: 
  1. Housing Needs Survey:  This will close at the end of March.  There have been over 100 responses, many from outside OOS.  The Housing group is meeting next week to determine where we go from here.
  1.  SWOOS web page – item deferred to next meeting
  2. Review of Goals and Objectives
  1. Wording changes recorded by Anna for Objectives & Strategies May 2020-21
  2. Budget item added:  $450 and 22.5 hrs manpower to cover expenses such as “get ready for winter 2021/22”
  1. Review of Terms of Reference  -- the need for a succession plan was added

Next Meeting:  Wednesday, 15 April 2020 at Stella Luna, 7 pm

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