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Traffic and Safety Committee Meeting - Tuesday, October 15

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Traffic and Safety Committee Meeting

Tuesday , October 15, 2019 at 12:30 pm

Lounge at the Firehall

Present: Kathy Krywicki, Erik van der Torre, Brian Ure, Sue Neill (Chair)

Regrets: James Grant

1. Welcome

2. Minutes of the TS Meeting of Tuesday September 3, 2019 – approved and posted

3. Business Arising from the Minutes

a) Follow-up Note to Shawn re Bank Street Bridge – response September 7, 2019

- Sue wrote to Shawn and he replied indicating that he was still waiting for a response on his proposals from the City. Frustrating all round.

4. Priority Business

a) Intersections Update

- Erik and Sue met with Jama on September 12 to discuss the Bank Street intersections, in particular Belmont/Glen and Riverdale. Further data will be collected for the Belmont/Glen intersection in the hopes that an advanced pedestrian signal will be warranted. This has been done and we are awaiting the outcome. New software will be developed for the signal at Riverdale and Bank so that as soon as a car arrives on Riverdale at the Bank Street intersection and triggers a light change for vehicles, the e/w signal for pedestrians will be triggered.

b) Colonel By Pedestrian Crossing at Seneca

- No further news since the last meeting.

c) Bike Rally – Future Plans

- To be discussed with Winnie, OSCA Program Chair and staff. Sue to arrange a meeting.

d) Cameron Bike Lane

- The bases for flex sticks from Bank to Leonard along the bike lane have been installed. Nothing new on the Seneca/Cameron intersection or the possibility of green paint at certain intersections noted to be “conflict zones”. Important for James to follow up with Scott Muir.

(Note: today (October 16), James reported via email that the flex sticks have been removed.

e) Gateway Speed Limit Zone

- The area on west side of Bank Street in OOS has been approved by City Council as a 30km limit speed zone. Signage should appear in the fall. The T&S Committee to consider making suggestions to traffic safety measures which would help to implement the 30 km/hr speed limit eg consistent 4 way stops at intersections such as Bristol and Sunnyside, and Hopewell and Seneca.

f) Bank Street Bridge Redesign

- The T&S Committee will request a meeting with Shawn and/or Phil to determine what has been proposed and what the reaction to that might be. We will then determine whether we should move ahead with our own process on the redesign of the Bank Street Bridge.

g) Sunnyside Rain Gardens and Traffic Calming

- Rain garden replanting will take place in the spring of 2020. Brian to contact the City to request the results of the assessment of the impact of the rain gardens and other traffic calming measures on traffic on Sunnyside.

h) Green Dreamers

- Brian reported that the Green Dreamers will hold an organizational meeting on November 2. They are looking for new recruits to help with the gardening on Bank Street.

5. Communications

a) Ongoing – “Did You Know” columns – Kathy to prepare a DYK, possibly on signals for this Friday

b) Future OSCAR Articles

- Sue to prepare an article for OSCAR for the November edition providing an update on our progress to achieving our objectives

c) Priorities Update for the October Board Meeting

- To be discussed at the Board meeting this evening. Thanks to everyone for contributing.

6. Resident Concerns

a) Willard Concerns

- Taken off the agenda in the absence of any concrete details from residents.

b) Hopewell issues

- Erik has been communicating with residents at the west end of Hopewell about traffic and parking issues in this area. He will attend a meeting of residents on October 16 to listen and see if they have any solutions to the issues raised.

c) Raven Road –Information Session September 11, 2019 - no follow up needed from us.

7. Liaison Updates

a) FCA Transportation Committee and the proposed City of Ottawa Road Safety Action Plan

- October 16, 2019 – FCA General Meeting

- October 20, 2019 – further discussion of the Road Safety Action Plan

- November 30, 2019 – 9am Workshop to kick off the Transportation Master Plan update (possibly we should attend this).

- There was a brief discussion of the City of Ottawa Road Safety Action Plan: Proposed Countermeasures. This seems to be a long list of just about anything that could be done to promote road safety. Our priorities, in general terms, can be found among the countermeasures listed. No one from our committee is able to attend the workshop on Saturday.

- It should be noted that the City staff report on Vision Zero will be presented to the Transportation Committee in November. We should pay attention to this.

b) Hopewell Parents Council

- Erik has not been able to attend recent meetings. The council is still lacking a Chair. The traffic situation around Hopewell has not improved – still problems with students crossing the road, parking, drop-offs etc.

c) Bike Ottawa – no report


- The discussion of the bus stop on Sunnyside which was moved because of the rain gardens continues. The Councillor’s office has the lead on this and the T&S Committee offered to write a letter in support of their efforts with OC Transpo. We were told that this was not necessary but will check again.


- Erik reported that the traffic issues created in conjunction with the successful beach volleyball program at the OTLBC had not abated in spite of efforts to change this. Erik will join Sue and James to meet with the Club to discuss the situation.

8. Other Business

a)1040-1050 Bank Development – Traffic Issue

- No formal news on this.

b) Meeting with the Councillor

- It was agreed that we should meet with the Councillor again to update on various projects. Sue to organize.

c) It was noted that City budget planning time is approaching. We should pay attention to amounts allocated for traffic and safety.

9. Next Meeting – Tuesday November 5, 2019 at 12:30 pm

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