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Nominations and Elections Committee Terms of Reference

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Role of the Committee

The role of the  Nominations and Elections Committee is to:

1.    Identify individuals willing to stand for election at the OSCA Annual General Meeting (AGM);

2.    Recommend, for the approval of the Board, candidates for Executive positions and Chairs of Committees;

3.    Oversee, with the support of the Executive Director, the elections process for Board members, prior to and at the AGM;

4.    Recommend, for approval of the Board, a procedure for the interim resolution of vacancies on the Board and/or identify persons to fill such vacancies;

5.    Obtain feedback from new and existing Board members on the recruitment and election process for consideration by the Committee and subsequently the Board, in future elections;

6.    Recommend, for the approval of the Board, candidates for recognition awards (e.g. volunteers, community builders, etc.);

7.    Recommend, for the approval of the Board, enhancements to succession planning and building a stronger Board and stronger committees; and,

8.    Develop and implement a succession plan for the Committee Chair and the recruitment of Committee members.


1.    Provide the OSCA Board with advice and guidance on policy and procedures relating to nominations and elections;

2.    Ensure the Board is promptly informed of any problems, issues or concerns;

3.    As required, receive reports and advise the Board on related issues;

4.    Perform such additional tasks as may be delegated to the Committee by the Board from time to time.;

5.    Advise the Board of major issues related to its mandate; and,

6.    Regularly review its Terms of Reference and make recommendations for changes to the Board.


The Nominations and Elections Committee is accountable to the Board and will supply copies of its minutes, reports and other documents relevant to its recommendations at monthly Board meetings.


The Nominations and Elections Committee has the authority to:

1.    Advertise and call for nominations for positions on the OSCA Board and Committees;

2.    Prepare a list of individuals willing to stand for Board positions;

3.    Interview potential candidates for the Board and Committees; and,

4.    Obtain feedback from new Board members for consideration in future processes.


The Nominations and Elections Committee should consist of a minimum of three and a maximum of five member, of which at least three, including the Chair should be members of the existing Board of Directors.


The Chair of the committee is appointed by the Board. The Chair is responsible for organizing the meetings of the committee and reporting on the committee’s work to the Board.

Frequency of Meetings and Manner of Call

Meetings will be held on an as needed basis and will be called through emails.


50% of Committee members plus one.


The Chair of the committee, who is a member of the Board, will report to the Board on an as needed basis.



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