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Communications Committee Mid-Term Review DRAFT October 2019

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OSCA Communications Committee Goals & Objectives for 2019-20

Key Goals

  • Ensure timely & effective communication with the community about community issues and OSCA programs, initiatives and events
  • Liaise with stakeholders on communications needs and priorities to foster greater cohesion across the organization
  • Provide OSCA with advice and guidance on strategic communications


  • Maintain & support existing media: OSCA website & social media and monthly publication of OSCAR
  • Enhance, upgrade and streamline OSCA’s communications capacity

Work plan for maintenance & support of existing media

  • Continue to sift through website content and remove redundant, out-of-date and trivial information (ongoing)
  • Develop a plan/strategy to archive/transfer relevant information from old website to current one* OSCA recently established a Records Archive Working Group to establish a formal record keeping process; this is essential to realizing this communications commitment
  • Continue to improve and streamline our brand

Work plan for enhancement, upgrades, & streamlining capacity

  • Develop an OSCA communications plan (in progress)
  • Advise and provide guidance to Board of Directors for May 7th AGM (done)
  • Create an internal electronic calendar to inform OSCA Board, staff, committees and volunteers on a weekly/monthly/annual basis of upcoming activities/commitments* essential to realizing this objective is content from the OSCA Board, our understanding is that this is still in draft stage
  • Rethink front page to include easier access to information for our different client base: program registrants, OSCA members and volunteers (Communications has agreed to dedicate a meeting in February to issues related to the OSCA website)
  • Develop a strategy for website renewal (average lifespan of a website such as ours is roughly 3 years, current website launched in 2017) (Communications has agreed to dedicate a meeting in February to issues related to the OSCA website)

Progress to date on new projects:

  • Developed more user-friendly, informal AGM Agenda for May 2019
  • DRAFT Communications Plan presented to OSCA Board in June
  • Initiated in July a private contract to re-launch OOS Community Fund, 1st Phase completed, Phase II in progress; Phase I presented to Board in September, Phase II Board presentation scheduled for October
  • Using com plan as OSCA’s communications framework, content was developed for the soft launch of the community fund and messaging developed for social media streams; the intent is to develop a communications pattern for content development & response

Ongoing Activities:

  • OSCAR, publishes 11 times annually with a distribution of 4300 copies, self- supporting on ad sales, owned by OSCA & governed by OSCA Board policies
  • “News Between the Bridges”, OSCA online newsletter is published weekly
  • Proofread, edit, and approve community-contributed news articles and calendar events for the website
  • Update & maintain the website’s content management system (ongoing)
  • Troubleshoot problems with content display, user accounts, e-newsletter software
  • Work in close collaboration with Executive Director Christy Savage to streamline information across all channels.

September 29, 2019

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