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Traffic & Safety Committee Meeting Minutes December 3rd 2019

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Traffic and Safety Committee Meeting

Tuesday , December 3, 2019

Present:  Brian Ure, Erik van der Torre, James Grant, Betty McGregor, Kathy Krywicki, Sue Neill, Chair
Absent: Eric Campbell

1.  Welcome

Sue welcomed Betty to the committee and thanked  her for her interest.  Eric Cambell has also joined the committee but is absent .

Since this is the last meeting of the year, Sue took time to visit some of the achievements of the year;

  • Consistency of the intersections on Bank
  • Progress on the Cameron bike lane
  • 30 km/hr Gateway speed zone west of Bank
  • Planter moved to make room for cyclists at the north end of the Bank Street bridge
  • Capital Spokes Bike Rally and Rodeo held again
  • Greater engagement with the FCA
  • Regular communications in the OSCAR and News Between the Bridges
  • Kept ongoing issues on the radar – improvements to the Bank Street bridge, Seneca crossing of Colonel By, need for photo radar and red light cameras

In January, we will need to review our plan and think about the future.  We should think about where we stand on Vision Zero and whether or not we want to strengthen our position.

2.  Minutes of the TS Meeting of Tuesday November 5, 2019

Approved and posted.

3.  Business Arising from the Minutes

a)  Letter to the Councillor re 30 k speed zone

Sue thanked Betty for the work that she had done in providing a list of issues that might be highlighted in a letter to the Councillor.  It was agreed that several things had changed and that we should change the focus of the letter.

The letter to the Councillor will focus on issues relating to Bank Street and will be sent to him prior to the December 18 consultation on transportation on Bank Street.  Sue to draft and circulate for input.

b)  Meeting with OTLBC – did not occur; postpone until January or February

c)  Future of the Bike Rally – Winnie is discussing with her colleagues and will let us know the outcome.

4.  Priority Business

a)  Intersections Update – Erik

Computer program for the Bank/Riverdale intersection is under development but not expected until some time in 2020. No news on the requested advanced pedestrian signal for Bronson and Sunnyside. May be other changes coming on Bronson

b)  Bike Rally – awaiting comments from Winnie and Christy

c)  Cameron Bike Lane – nothing new

d)  Gateway Speed Limit Zone

Committee expressed concerns about enforcement; suggestion to take a different approach and not wait for police. Kathy noted the need for residents to report infractions so there is a record of trouble at a certain location. To be discussed in January.

e)  Bank Street Bridge Redesign – James and Sue have both discussed with Shawn independently. To be raised in the context of the Bank Street consultation on December 18

f)  Ottawa Road Safety Action Plan

Brian has participated in the discussions of the RSAP with the FCA and has provided input. He indicated that our priorities are consistent with the plan. The RSAP v 3 will be presented to the City Transportation Committee tomorrow December 4. Committee members may wish to attend the meeting or to listen in through the link provided by Kathy.

g)  Sunnyside Rain Gardens and Traffic Calming

The City has proposed an agreement with OSCA whereby the Green Dreamers would take over the responsibility for maintaining the rain gardens. This is not acceptable; Brian to continue to deal with the City on this.

h)  Green Dreamers

Planning meeting was postponed. Nothing to report

5.  Communications

a)  Ongoing – “Did You Know” columns

Suggested topic – need to report traffic problems either to the City or to the Police

b)  Future OSCAR Articles – possibly an article on Bronson but not for January. There are three traffic articles in the December OSCAR

6.  Resident Concerns

a)  Hopewell issues and follow-up

Following Erik’s walkabout with Shawn, a list of issues was sent to Shawn; Erik to follow up with Shawn.

b)  Bank and Belmont – nothing further

c)  Bank and Aylmer – red light running; letter can be used to support red light camera at Bank and Aylmer

7.  Liaison Updates

a)  Hopewell Parents Council – nothing to report

b)  Bike Ottawa – James – nothing to report

c)  SWOOS – continues to be concerned about the bus stops on Sunnyside

8.  Other Business  

a)  Public Consultation on Bank Street Transportation – Dec 18

b)  FCA Workshop on the City Transportation Master Plan Review November 30

c)  RSAP – Transportation Committee December 4, Council December 11

d)  Catherine McKenna Christmas Party – OSCA President may raise the question of additional funding for road safety through the infrastructure program

9.  Next Meeting – Tuesday January 7, 2020 at 12:30pm

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