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Nominations & Elections Committee Motions for Decision: November 2019 Board Meeting

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OSCA Nominations & Elections Committee
Members: Richard Slowikowski; Michael Jenkin; Joy Morrow; Sue Neill, Chair

Motions for decision: November 2019 Board Meeting

  1. That the name of the Nominations Committee be changed to the Nominations and Elections Committee
  2. That the Board approve the Terms of Reference of the Nominations and Elections Committee
  3. That the Board approve the OSCA Nominations and Elections Manual outlining procedures to be followed for nominations and elections
  4. That the Board approve the priorities and workplan of the Nominations and Elections Committee for 2019/2020


a)  Name and Terms of Reference

The revisions to the OSCA ByLaws, including a change in the structure and terms of office of the Board members presented an opportunity to examine the nominations and elections procedures of OSCA.

It is proposed that the committee name be changed to Nominations and Elections to reflect the close relationship between the nominations and elections processes and also to ensure that there is a responsible body for overseeing both of these processes. Additionally, the related functions of recruitment of Board candidates, proposing of Executive members and Committee Chairs to the Board and obtaining feedback from new Board members on the recruitment and election processes have been allocated to this committee.

Further, the responsibility for proposing a list of recipients of OSCA awards is given a home within this committee.

b)  Nominations and Elections Manual

Previously, there were two related documents – the OSCA Policy on Nominations to the Board of Directors and the Procedures Manual: OSCA Nominations Committee. For clarity and ease of application, it proposed to combine these two documents into one – the OSCA Nominations and Elections Manual (see attached).

For the most part, the proposed new manual is a compilation of materials in the previous two documents. However there are two significant changes relating to the presentation of candidates for election at the AGM.

    i)  Previously the Board presented an approved slate of candidates for election to the AGM. The slate was equal to the number of vacant positions on the         Board and appeared as a “fait accompli”.

        In the spirit of openness and transparency, the committee is recommending that a list of candidates be presented to the AGM. These candidates are ones         who have shown an interest in standing for a Board position and have been vetted by the committee. The number may or may not equal the number of         available positions depending on the number of individuals who have come forward and been vetted.

        If there are the same number of candidates as vacant positions, the AGM will be asked to elect those on the list. If there are more candidates than vacant         positions, there will be a paper ballot.

        ii)  Previously the nomination of a candidate from the floor could be accepted as long as the nomination was seconded by one member of OSCA present at         the meeting.

        The committee agrees with accepting nominations from the floor but in keeping with the practice of vetting candidates on the list, is proposing that         nominations from the floor be supported by five OSCA members present at the meeting.

c)  Committee Timelines and Workplan

The Nominations and Elections Manual also proposes a generic monthly workplan for the committee to follow in carrying out its mandate. The proposed committee timelines and workplan for 2019/20 is based on the generic model.

d)  Priorities

The main priority of the committee for the period 2019/20 is to obtain Board approval for the foundation documents and then implement the revised process. Progress will be presented to the Board through the monthly report on the schedule outlined in the Manual.

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