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Nominations & Elections Committee Priorities 2019/20

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Nominations and Elections Committee Priorities – 2019/20    Final Draft

  1. Prepare committee foundation documents for Board approval (Terms of Reference, Manual, Workplan, priorities)
  2. Produce and implement a communications plan, in conjunction with the OSCA Communications Committee, to ensure that the call for nominations to the Board and committees is widely advertised.
  3. Put forward to the Board, a list of individuals for Board positions who have come forward and been vetted and who are willing to stand for election at the May 2020 AGM.
  4. Oversee the election process for elections at the 2020 AGM
  5. Propose to the Board for approval, a list of individuals to serve as Executive Members and Committee Chairs
  6. Propose a list of individuals to receive awards at the May 2020 OSCA AGM.

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