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Nominations & Elections Committee Workplan Nov 2019 - May 2020

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Workplan – Nominations Committee – November 2019 – May 2020 – final draft 2019

November 19             Presentation of Committee foundation documents for Board approval (Terms of Reference, Manual, Priorities, Workplan)

November 30             Development of a communications plan for advertising the Board elections, including a search strategy, with OSCA Communications                                      Committee and the ED

December 15             Deadline for material for the January OSCAR

December 17             Board provides Committee with additional considerations in searching for Candidates for Board positions

December 17             Committee consults Board and others in the community to begin to build a list of potential candidates for Board positions and potential                                       award nominees


January                         Development of materials for search process – correspondence with potential and confirmed candidates, information packages,                                         interview questions etc.

January 6                     Email to Board members about their intentions with respect to continuing or standing for re-election, and to Committee Chairs to                                         determine if they would like to continue

                                      Email to Board members re identifying candidates for awards (e.g. volunteers, community builders etc.)

January 15                   Report to the Board on the status of Board Members with respect to 2020 elections

January 17                   Deadline for material for the February OSCAR

January                         Committee meets to discuss status of the candidate search

January                         Inform potential candidates in writing of requirements to be a candidate January/February         
                                      Committee members (at least two) interview potential candidates

February 21                  Deadline for material for the March OSCAR March/April Review elections procedures with staff March 20          
                                       Deadline for material for the April OSCAR March 31         
                                       Deadline for applications for Board positions

April 21                         Board meeting; Presentation of list of individuals interested to stand for the Board and vetted by the Committee; and propose a list of                                         award recipients for Board approval

April 22                         Chair communicates with candidates for Board positions informing them of the election process at the AGM

April 22                         Chair and members review election procedures with the Executive Director to ensure all possibilities are covered

May 5                            OSCA AGM – implementation of election procedures by the Committee and ED

May 12                          Orientation of new Board members – to be conducted by the Past President or in his/her absence, the Vice President

May 19                          First meeting of the new OSCA Board

May to September      The Nominations and Elections Committee will seek feedback from the newly elected Board members on the recruitment, election and                                       onboarding process.

September                  The Nominations and Elections Committee will include feedback from the newly elected Board members by its September report to the                                       Board.

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