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  • Winter Programs Delayed

    Winter Programs Delayed

    Our winter programming is delayed until at least Thursday, January 27th 2022. All programs will be extended to the week ending on Friday, April 1st 2022. Our fitness centre and pottery studio are closed until further notice. When plans are set to reopen we will be contacting all program participants and members to inform them.


We, all of us at OSCA (staff and volunteers), want to thank Old Ottawa South once again for your generosity to the “Save Our Firehall” campaign. Your pledges and contributions have surpassed $110K. That’s a lot to be proud of! You have made it possible to keep our doors open.

To those of you who pledged your support on a monthly or recurring basis, thank you for your ongoing support. No amount is too small and every donation adds up. It’s a tremendous financial and moral "boost" as we strengthen our capacity to offer more programs and services.

Safety remains our top priority and we continue to meet and even exceed Ottawa Public Health COVID-19 recommendations. We look forward to seeing more of you.


Fieldhouse Consultation: The Results Are In!

Fieldhouse Consultation: The Results Are In!

Thank you to everyone who gave their feedback in the latest round of public consultation for a replacement fieldhouse at Windsor Park. At the time the online consultation closed on 12-November-2021, the working group had received responses from 118 residents of this community. Among these, 29 supported the first option (the biggest one, at 2,466 sq. ft.), 35 preferred the second option (2,394 sq. ft.), while 30 picked the third option (the smallest at 1,507sq. ft.). From the comments provided, an additional 13 respondents wanted a smaller facility supporting outdoor programming only with no indoor programming space, while 11 other respondents felt unable to support any of the three options that were presented.

Windsor Fieldhouse Community Consultation

Windsor Fieldhouse Community Consultation

November 12th Deadline

Your comments are requested on the new fieldhouse designs! OSCA’s Windsor Park Fieldhouse Working Group wants your feedback on three design options it has developed to replace the existing building.

pdf All three designs can be viewed in our consultation document at this link. (8.88 MB)

You can use the questionnaire, accessible at the end of our consultation document or at this link, to send us your feedback. We will be accepting feedback until Friday, November 12, 2021.


OSCA UPDATE on Windsor Park Fieldhouse Design Proposal and Online Survey of Community Views on the Proposal

In the January 2021 edition of The OSCAR, the OSCA Fieldhouse Working Group reported on progress with the proposed design and location of the Windsor Park Fieldhouse. Since the publication of the article Councillor Shawn Menard and OSCA met with local residents at Windsor Park. This meeting was ad hoc and in response to concerns expressed by residents about the proposed location and design of the Fieldhouse. Several of the issues raised are as follows:

Windsor Park Fieldhouse.

A New Fieldhouse for Windsor Park

The quest to design a brand new fieldhouse in Windsor Park continues despite the citywide COVID lockdown. The working group struck by the OSCA Board to engage all stakeholders and find a solution carries on with its mission. Our earlier consultations with the community revealed some of your most pressing needs, while our outreach to specific groups—including a targeted survey of residents bordering the park—gave a clearer picture of what is wanted. Now we have created a portal on the OSCA website that allows Old Ottawa South residents a continued opportunity to give us your feedback.

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