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  • We still have a long way to go

    We still have a long way to go

    All of us at OSCA (staff and volunteers) thank you for your generosity. Your pledges and contributions have surpassed $65,000! We still have a long way to go but you have added the equivalent of six additional weeks – that’s a lot to be proud of!



We are now “ringing the bell” and calling on all residents to help Save Our Firehall! We need your help to keep our community centre open. Restrictions due to COVID-19 have had a huge impact on our Firehall’s ability to sustain itself. To thrive, the Firehall relies on revenues from the programs it delivers. The City owns the Firehall and maintains it but doesn’t cover operational costs. If we are to make up the shortfall in operational costs, we need to fundraise. How can you help? You can help by pledging your financial support on a monthly basis. No amount is too small or too big. Every donation counts. Monthly pledges add up over time and with many families pledging their support we can make sure that our community centre remains open in 2021.

How Fire-Coloured Meringue Cookies Became a Neighbourhood Hit!

How Fire-Coloured Meringue Cookies Became a Neighbourhood Hit!

“It’s been a family affair” says Candace Newman, “imagined at the dinner table and realized by the talents at hand.”

It’s hard to say where the inspiration came from; it’s as if several ideas came together at once. Initially, Candace was inspired by Kim Elmslie’s sale of her homemade Ottawa puzzles with proceeds re-directed to Save our Firehall, OSCA’s Fundraising Campaign for programming. “What can I do?” thought Candace, “what can I offer?”


Consider Contributing Your Skills  to OSCA !

It’s that time of year again – time for OSCA, the Old Ottawa South Community Association, to start looking for residents of Old Ottawa South who are willing to step up and become a member of the Board or a Committee!

Like everyone, OSCA has had a tough year but the community association remains strong and ready to move forward in new and different ways.  It will be an interesting time for the Board and its Committees!  

Photo by Brendan McCoy.

Tree-Urban Canopy Subgroup Takes Root

On November 25, 2020, a new subgroup of the Enviro Crew of OOS – the Tree/Urban Canopy Subgroup – was formed when 16 motivated and talented residents of Old Ottawa South and beyond met virtually for the first time. Discussion covered the subgroup’s concept and vision, functions and roles, terms of reference and next steps, but the most inspiring part of the meeting was hearing about everyone’s interests and experiences. The diversity of skills, knowledge, and interest represented was very impressive and included: founding and operating charities, journalism and writing, studying impacts of trees on human health, environmental policy and planning, biology, landscape architecture, advocacy, community reforestation, and conducting tree censuses. Our collective passion for trees and forests and the many benefits they provide to individuals and society was very motivating, and there are high hopes for what this group of dedicated tree huggers can achieve together!


The City is Updating its Winter Maintenance Quality Standards

The City’s Winter Maintenance Quality Standards (WMQS) are approved by Council and they define the “desirable level of maintenance and the executed outcome of each winter service by defining the timing and extent of each winter maintenance activity in the context of achieving the overall objective of safe and passable roads and sidewalks by reducing hazards caused by snow and ice accumulation.” Essentially, they provide guidance on when, and how, the City will address winter weather conditions (snow, ice, freezing rain) on roads, sidewalks, bicycle lanes and multi-use pathways to ensure that they are safe for drivers and pedestrians.

Photo by Brendan McCoy.

Southminster Renovation Update

An open letter to the Old Ottawa South community dated 9 November 2020.

Over the coming weeks you may notice some additional activity at Southminster United Church. The planned renovation and rejuvenation of the church will finally begin. Southminster has been working with local firm CH2 Architecture on the design and has recently engaged Bradford Construction Limited as the general contractor for the project. The renovations will include:


Helping Neighbours through a COVID-19 Winter

Since March 2020, we have seen our Old Ottawa South community come together in a spirit of neighbourliness in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Individuals have been connecting with their neighbours to see how they are faring. Community pillar organizations, including OSCA and churches, have made commendable pivots to a virtual environment, including new programming and supports. Local businesses have implemented creative approaches in response to physical distancing measures. Artwork and messages – taped to living room windows, attached to trees, or drawn on sidewalks – have inspired hope.


The Rewards of Fundraising - Save Our Firehall

Over the past few months we have kept you informed about the overall impact of the pandemic on OSCA's operations and finances. While we have tried our best to remain positive and optimistic, you will have noticed that over time the messaging has shifted from "we'll get through this" to "we are going to need help if we want to keep the Firehall open." Over the past months, Staff, the Board, the Executive, and countless volunteers have continued to work incredibly hard to come up with alternate ways to generate revenue. We have successfully transitioned to a full suite of virtual programming, secured a significant grant through Red Cross Canada, and managed to open up in-person After-4 in a safe and secure environment. But none of that will be enough to keep the Firehall open in the long term, and we are "ringing the bell" and calling on all residents to help Save Our Firehall!

Below is the article that was published in the November OSCAR, introducing the notion and benefits of a local community fundraising effort.  


2020 OSCA AGM: Tue Oct 20th at 7:30pm - Registration deadline: Oct 16th

Registration is now open for OSCA’s AGM, scheduled for Tuesday 20 Oct 2020 commencing at 7:30pm. In order to be able to attend the 2020 AGM, registration is required and the deadline is October 16, 2020.


All Members of OSCA are eligible to register for, attend, and vote at the AGM.  Membership is free, and is available to all adults who are residents of Old Ottawa South.  You may register for the AGM, even if you are not yet an OSCA member, or do not know whether you are an OSCA member; your AGM registration will be considered to be an application for OSCA membership, if required.  

Bank & Sunyside. Photo by Kathy Krywicki.

Creativity on display in two neighbourhoods

Glebe Report and OSCAR showcase young artists

You can now see five fresh newspaper boxes on Bank Street in the Glebe and in Old Ottawa South, a collaboration between the Glebe Report and OSCAR to get their valued community papers out to readers who may not receive them at their doorstep, or who would like a copy to read while they sip their morning coffee at a favourite café – as many of us hope to be doing again soon.


Christy's Corner - SOS my OSCA

As I write this, it’s one day after the Ottawa Athletic Club (OAC) announced that it is closing its doors after 44 years.

OSCA was officially incorporated on October 17th, 1979. The loss of the OAC hit too close to home. I was struck by the number of friends sharing their memories of the OAC and recalled my own visits during high school. We’ve seen other institutions and businesses close in the last few months, while others have held on. But what resonates the most is how unexpected it feels. In many ways we overlook the very real possibility that a deep-rooted and well-established organization can close. But it can.

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