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  • Winter Programs Delayed

    Winter Programs Delayed

    Our winter programming is delayed until at least Thursday, January 27th 2022. All programs will be extended to the week ending on Friday, April 1st 2022. Our fitness centre and pottery studio are closed until further notice. When plans are set to reopen we will be contacting all program participants and members to inform them.


We, all of us at OSCA (staff and volunteers), want to thank Old Ottawa South once again for your generosity to the “Save Our Firehall” campaign. Your pledges and contributions have surpassed $110K. That’s a lot to be proud of! You have made it possible to keep our doors open.

To those of you who pledged your support on a monthly or recurring basis, thank you for your ongoing support. No amount is too small and every donation adds up. It’s a tremendous financial and moral "boost" as we strengthen our capacity to offer more programs and services.

Safety remains our top priority and we continue to meet and even exceed Ottawa Public Health COVID-19 recommendations. We look forward to seeing more of you.


One of the “surprises” discovered during the ongoing restoration of the OTLBC Clubhouse!

The Tennis Club Makes Heritage a Priority

Frankly, an old wooden box makes a rather poor footing. As restoration of the OTLBC Clubhouse gathers steam in winter 2021-22 and a century of makeshift repairs is exposed, there have been some real surprises. One of these was the discovery of a wooden Coca-Cola box, filled with concrete and jammed in to support a beam holding up the floor. Clearly maintaining the Clubhouse has not been a priority in the past century. But why not?

Anna's gear gathering dust in the autumn of her life.

The Ottawa Outdoor Gear Library

In wintertime, until nine years ago, I used to love walking to and down the steps of the Colonel By Drive access and go for a skate on my beloved Dutch speed-skates. But now, two fractured hips and arms later, my fur-lined leather speed-skates are collecting dust and the same is happening with my cross-country skis.

Fall Cleanup the Capital

Fall Cleanup the Capital

Registration is now open for the fall campaign, from September 13 until October 15, 2021. Clean-up kits will be made available for pick-up at seven City of Ottawa facilities that are able to safely accommodate their distribution. 


Abbotsford Fundraiser

Abbotsford is bursting at the seams with donations that they were unable to sell while they were closed to the public. They are now planning to sell these items in a Blow-Out (Everything Must Go) Sale on Saturday, August 28, 2021. Bargains galore!

Our Ottawa Needs Public Toilets

Our Ottawa Needs Public Toilets

Access to public toilets is a universal need and a basic human right. The “Our Ottawa Needs Public Toilets” Project is looking for artists in the National Capital Region (City of Ottawa and City of Gatineau) to intensify advocacy efforts and challenge negative political and public opinion about public toilets. The main purpose of this campaign is to raise public awareness by fostering community solidarity around improving access to a network of safe, clean, and accessible public toilets throughout the National Capital.

Photo by Kathy Krywicki.

Welcome Back, Green Dreamers!

The Green Dreamers are out and about once again! You may have seen a few recently at the Library and the corners of Bank Street and Sunnyside Avenue. Their silent green “tag” is unmistakable. They leave a trail of “loved lots” all along Bank Street and Sunnyside Avenue. And yes, there were a couple of Dreamers sighted at Grosvenor this last week tidying up one of OOS’s rain gardens. In late June another solo Green Dreamer was spotted on the grounds around the Firehall.


OSCA Offers Deepest Condolences to Indigenous Communities

The OSCA Board, following a recommendation from its newly created Committee of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA), is sending our deepest condolences and sympathies to Indigenous communities as we mourn the remains of children discovered on the sites of Indian Residential Schools.

We were saddened to learn of the many children who died while attending Residential Schools as well as the ongoing impact on the survivors of the horrific system. This recent tragic news highlights the history of shameful mistreatment and cultural genocide, as vividly described by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, sanctioned and funded by the Government of Canada and perpetrated by several religious organizations, which saw Indigenous children forcibly removed from their homes and sent to Residential Schools. We offer our sincerest solidarity as we stand with survivors, their families, and communities.

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