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    Join Us for Community and Recreation Programming this Fall! Programs for All Ages.

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    Fitness Classes In-Person and Virtual. Memberships options available - Join Today!

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We, all of us at OSCA (staff and volunteers), want to thank Old Ottawa South once again for your generosity to the “Save Our Firehall” campaign. Your pledges and contributions have surpassed $110K. That’s a lot to be proud of! You have made it possible to keep our doors open.

To those of you who pledged your support on a monthly or recurring basis, thank you for your ongoing support. No amount is too small and every donation adds up. It’s a tremendous financial and moral "boost" as we strengthen our capacity to offer more programs and services.

Safety remains our top priority and we continue to meet and even exceed Ottawa Public Health COVID-19 recommendations. We look forward to seeing more of you.


Brewer Park - Shoreline Rehabilitation Work

Brewer Park - Shoreline Rehabilitation Work

As part of the Stage 2 O-Train South Extension project, Brewer Park is getting an upgrade to the shoreline that will benefit aquatic life and the community.

Construction crews will carve out a horseshoe-shaped section of land at Brewer Park to create an inlet and a small island, or embayment. This inlet will help offset the impacted shoreline at the site of the Rideau River Pedestrian Bridge, while helping to manage the flow of the river, mitigate flooding and create additional aquatic habitats. Stumps and roots of trees required to be removed for the installation of the Rideau River Pedestrian Bridge will be strategically placed in the river in order to create an improved aquatic habitat.

Laura Wood, the city forester, inspects a well planted tree.

Old Ottawa South Residents Turn Out to Plant Trees

The Bridge-to-Bridge Reforestation Group, a collection of Old Ottawa South residents, has been planting and maintaining trees for more than a dozen years in the area between Bronson Avenue and Canal Woods Terrace. Many residents have remarked on the well-treed area south of the Bronson Bridge which comprises a healthy mix of trees including several varieties of spruce and pine as well as cedar, red oak, honey locust, and two progeny of the maple tree for which the Maple Leaf Forever was written. As an unintended acknowledgement of the group’s reforestation efforts, the neighbouring street, Bronson Place, was renamed Canal Woods Terrace.

Fall Cleanup the Capital

Fall Cleanup the Capital

Registration is now open for the fall campaign, from September 13 until October 15, 2021. Clean-up kits will be made available for pick-up at seven City of Ottawa facilities that are able to safely accommodate their distribution. 

The Brewer Pond willow.

Brewer Pond’s Indestructible Willow

It narrowly escaped destruction during an early 90s development project. Volunteers replanted it; annual spring flooding along the Rideau River flattened it; and now its neighbours—who live in the beaver lodge down the bank—happily feast on it.

Each of its five, massive trunks—which snake in all directions from its core—sends up enough sinewy limbs to seem as if this one tree is growing an entire forest, all on its own. One of those limbs is arched like a secret doorway. Several have large chunks chewed out of them. Others, toppled and hanging on by strips, still sprout viable branches rippling with leaves.

Cleaning the Capital

Cleaning the Capital

The City of Ottawa’s 2021 Cleaning the Capital Program returns for the spring campaign, from April 15 to May 15. Early registration has begun. To register:

Trunk damage from a staking system that was removed too late.

Stop Strangling the Trees!

As someone who has drawn thousands of tree symbols on landscape plans over a 15-year career in landscape architecture, it is second nature for me to notice every tree I pass as I move through urban landscapes.

What is the surrounding environment? Does the tree have enough soil? Is it exposed to road salt? Has it been hit by a snowplow or damaged by a weed whacker? Was it planted at the right depth? Has a homeowner widened the driveway and removed a chunk of the root system? There are so many things to look for and as I do, I wonder how many of the trees on my plans have survived. Sadly, I know some have died from strangulation, or girdling as it is referred to with trees.

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