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  • OSCA's Summer Camp guide is here!

    OSCA's Summer Camp guide is here!

    We're ready and excited to welcome campers back to the Firehall and we have a fantastic lineup of camps prepared with safety always a top priority. Click the button below to check out the full guide!

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  • We still have a long way to go

    We still have a long way to go

    All of us at OSCA (staff and volunteers) thank you for your generosity. Your pledges and contributions have surpassed $75,000! We still have a long way to go but you have added the equivalent of six additional weeks – that’s a lot to be proud of!

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We’ve come a long way since March of last year! There is certainly a familiar (and at times frustrating) rhythm to COVID-19 restrictions but we continue to adapt, offering community programming when safe and possible under official health guidelines. 

Our in-person After-4 program has been running since September 2020 and continues to grow as we become more confident and more knowledgeable about how to manage groups safely. We are adapting to changing COVID-19 scenarios, developing in-person activities (especially for children) to explore and learn in an active, safe and fun setting, outside and inside.

Thank you for your support and generosity.  Whether it’s registering for a program or pledging your financial support on a monthly basis, every contribution counts. Monthly pledges add up over time and with many families pledging their support we can make sure that our community centre remains open in 2021.


Questions & Answers on OSCA's Save Our Firehall Campaign

The following article was printed in the March 2021 of the OSCAR. We have adapted the article for online reading, abbreviated where we could, and reorganized some of the information in response to some very helpful suggestions.

Save Our Firehall

In Response to Your Questions

Since launching OSCA’s fundraising campaign to Save Our Firehall, we have received a variety of messages by email and phone encouraging us, lending both moral and financial support. We thank you for this kindness and generosity.

City of Ottawa Draft Official Plan Feedback

City of Ottawa Draft Official Plan Feedback

You're encouraged to make your comments regarding the Draft Official Plan to the City of Ottawa. This is your chance to express views on the city's future growth. It's especially important to complete the feedback form on the select topics as presented as 'one-pagers' on the Engage Ottawa website. If you are opposed to the proposals as outlined, it's critical to state that explicitily in your comments.

OSCA's Planning & Zoning Committee has reviewed the draft OP extensively and has prepared this letter to the City of Ottawa with comments.


Discussion on the City of Ottawa's New Official Plan

Old Ottawa South and other inner urban areas are slated to provide housing for many of the 400,000 new residents expected in Ottawa over the 25-year term of the new Official Plan.

What will that look like? Where will we do it? How will we get there?  Join us to discuss these and other Official Plan issues.


Consider Contributing Your Skills  to OSCA !

It’s that time of year again – time for OSCA, the Old Ottawa South Community Association, to start looking for residents of Old Ottawa South who are willing to step up and become a member of the Board or a Committee!

Like everyone, OSCA has had a tough year but the community association remains strong and ready to move forward in new and different ways.  It will be an interesting time for the Board and its Committees!  


OSCA UPDATE on Windsor Park Fieldhouse Design Proposal and Online Survey of Community Views on the Proposal

In the January 2021 edition of The OSCAR, the OSCA Fieldhouse Working Group reported on progress with the proposed design and location of the Windsor Park Fieldhouse. Since the publication of the article Councillor Shawn Menard and OSCA met with local residents at Windsor Park. This meeting was ad hoc and in response to concerns expressed by residents about the proposed location and design of the Fieldhouse. Several of the issues raised are as follows:

A Season for Family, Friends and Community

A Season for Family, Friends and Community

Dear Community,

I hope you are well and in good spirits this festive season.

We recognize that the provincewide shutdown beginning December 26th will be in place for the next several weeks. We’ve made it this far as a community, and OSCA is committed to continuing to do all we can to keep our community safe. We are paying careful attention to the new regulations and will be communicating updates on a regular basis.  The centre will remain closed until the restrictions are lifted. We will continue to run programs virtually. We will be in touch with clients of After 4 with pertinent updates.  Don’t forget to follow us on social media or go to oldottawasouth.ca for regular updates.

Santa is on his way to Old Ottawa South!

Santa is on his way to Old Ottawa South!

Hello my friends in Old Ottawa South, it’s me Santa! 

My pals at OSCA have been hard at work thinking of fun and festive ways to celebrate. We know it’s been a tricky year, and all of you have certainly earned a spot on my ‘extra nice’ list!

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