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COVID-19 Resources

News, Updates on What's Open, and Quarantine Stories in Old Ottawa South.

If you have an OOS Quarantine Story you want to share with us, please email it to oscaprograms@oldottawasouth.ca or fill out our submission form.

Working towards 2020 Fall Programming

Before March, before COVID-19, before the closure of City recreational facilities, and before the closure of The Firehall, OSCA’s Executive Committee met quarterly unless special circumstances demanded otherwise.

Once federal, provincial, and municipal governments (in collaboration with public health authorities) ordered an immediate lockdown, OSCA cancelled all programming, including the Firehall Fitness Centre, the Pottery Studio, as well as on-site Board and Committee meetings.

Thus began our virtual community lives by Zoom. The Executive now meets weekly - more often when required - and updates the Board of Directors on actions taken and makes recommendations/proposals to the Board.

A Message from OSCA’s President - Planning for Fall

A Message from OSCA’s President - Planning for Fall

On Tuesday, July 21st, the OSCA Board of Directors endorsed recommendations by the Operations Committee in anticipation of virtual and (possibly) in-person programming for September.

As I write this message to you, we are still in limbo with respect to the nature of in-person programs for children and adults. It is not clear how schools will open in September and whether children will be in school full-time or part-time. This decision will have a huge impact on the scope and extent of children’s programming and how this will affect other in-person opportunities at the Firehall.

OSCA 2020 AGM Postponed Until Further Notice

OSCA 2020 AGM Postponed Until Further Notice

Due to the impact of COVID-19 and the resulting Emergency Orders enacted by the City of Ottawa and Province of Ontario governments, OSCA has postponed until further notice the Annual General Meeting scheduled for May 5, 2020 (notice of which had been published in the April edition of OSCAR).

Reimagining the Fieldhouse at Windsor Park

Reimagining the Fieldhouse at Windsor Park

On November 26, 2019, OSCA hosted a public meeting at the Firehall seeking residents’ views on the future of the fieldhouse at Windsor Park. The meeting was attended by about 30 people including our Councillor, Shawn Menard.

OSCA Board members Michael Jenkin and Luc Pellerin launched a presentation that displayed vividly the fieldhouse’s current dilapidated state, and estimated the potential costs of a renovation and a rebuild. Two flipcharts invited participants’ suggestions for the structural changes, as well as new or enhanced programming in the Park. Each participant was handed six sticky ‘dots’ to then vote for their preferred options in each category, three for facilities (or structures), and three for programming.


Follow-up Regarding Issues at the Glebe Parent’s Daycare

In late October 2018, we wrote to the community in light of the public announcement of fraud and embezzlement at the Glebe Parent’s Daycare (GPD). We committed to reviewing OSCA financial procedures, in light of the Glebe situation, and reporting back to our community on our findings.


OSCA Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, June 19th, 2017 
7:30 pm. The Firehall

In Attendance: Lise Beutel, Lizane Castonguay, Caroline Clark, Linda Hancock, Andy McArthy, Steve Mennill, Emilie Taman, Michaela Tokarski, Brian Ure, Erik Van Der Torre, Richard Slowikowski, Kelly Campbell (arrived 8:15),

Regrets: Ahmed Elsayed, Ilia Fabbri, Christine Franklin, Connie Gunn, Michael Jenkin, Janet Jull, Michelle Nguyen, Evan Pilkington

Guests: Councilor Chernushenko, Brendan McCoy (OSCAR editor), Anna Cuylits, Lydia Oak, Jamie Brougham


  1. Welcome
  2. Treasurer position

Motion to approve the appointment of Caroline Clark to the position of Treasurer. Proposed by Steve Mennill and seconded by Linda Hancock. All in favour.

3.Approval of Agenda

Motion to approve the agenda. Proposed by Erik Van Der Torre and seconded by Lizane Castonguay. All in favour. Motion passed with no changes.

4.Approval of May Minutes

Motion was not brought forward as minutes had not been circulated in advance of this meeting. May minutes to be reviewed in September.

5.Councilor’s report - David Chernushenko

              Western Rideau River Pathway – A tender went out on the final design and the contract has been awarded. The work should be finished this season.

OC Transpo – Routes have been updated. #1 is now #6. Confederation line will be #1 and current O-Train will be #2.

Heritage Inventory – City staff have been looking at buildings with a heritage value and are creating an inventory. Letters have been sent to relevant properties. This is not the same as a full heritage designation. There was a discussion about why this is being undertaken as the notices sent to relevant properties indicated that no tax implications, and no restrictions on building/renovation are expected.

Environment Committee – The City’s Environment Committee passed the urban forestry management plan earlier today, as a start in creating a series of tools of the status of the city’s tree canopy. The first concrete project will be to review the tree protection by-laws.

Rideau River Lane - Residents of Rideau River Drive are frustrated by the proposed re-naming of their street. Councilor Chernushenko will not be getting involved in this issue. Residents will have the opportunity to submit input into the new name of the street.


A question as to whether some people did raise the issue of the farmer’s market coming back to Brewer during the Brewer Park public consultation was posed. The Councilor agreed that it was likely raised and thus OSCA’s April minutes should be updated to reflect that.

A question was raised about whether the swans are coming out soon as they have not yet been released. The Councilor reported that they should be out shortly.

6.Finance report – Emilie Taman

A4 is coming on board. Summer camps as well. No big red flags at this point. Any questions should be directed to Christy.

7.Executive Report – Emilie Taman

Media Communication

What is the framework by which we make decisions whether or not to engage in the media?

A good discussion was had around this. Some of the perspectives raised included:

  • There can be a difficulty in gauging what the community at large actually thinks as sometimes we have a vocal minority.
  • Who would speak? Chairs could speak to their areas, and the President/Executive Director could be spokespeople where they feel well informed.
  • With respect to the CDP, it might be helpful to have a media strategy around it.
  • We might actually gain more perspectives from engaging with the media – people might hear us speak and then reach out to us.
  • Does it enhance the social benefit of the community?
  • Can we speak to the issue?
  • Broader issues outside our community sometimes will have great impact on our community so we might still want to weigh in on those?

Emilie to review existing document Brendan spoke of and come back to the board with a proposed framework/set of questions to ask before engaging in a media request.

Southminster Renovation

What is the update on Southminster?

A good discussion was had around this with input from guests. Michael Jenkin and Emilie Taman met with Anna Cuylits and Lydia Oak to discuss this prior to this meeting.

A group has been established called Development Watch Southminster. This group would like to know if OSCA is going to weigh in either for or against this development. Their concerns include the height and the sightlines of the church. Anna who represented DWS mentioned that DWS attaches a great deal of significance to the development not being higher than the church as the application is out for the church to become a heritage property. The meeting for that is August 4th. The trees are extremely close to the property edge and are likely to not make it through the development. DWS is not opposed to a development the same height as the church, but the proposed roofline will stick out above the church.

Steve Mennill spoke for OSCA’s Planning & Zoning Committee (PZC) which believes OSCA shouldn’t take a formal position with the city either for or against this development. PZC believes the formation of DWS is a positive thing as they can represent their position more formally to the city which may lead to taking a position at the OMB and that will likely go to a hearing which is also a good thing. This would be several months from now – maybe a year from now – and the board may decide then that they want to or don’t want to support that group financially at that time once we better know their formal position on the development and what they’re trying to achieve.

Mr. Mennill also proposed some ideas to assist DWS in advocating their position. He mentioned that the building will be subject to Site Plan Control which will allow the city to have an agreement with the developer which might allow them to stipulate things such as the location of balconies, the choice of materials, whether windows are opaque or fully transparent and the glazing of windows, how terraced the back of the building will be, whether a visual screen between the pool across the street and the balconies will occur etc. The DWS group could advocate to the city about this which also governs onsite laneways and parking on the site and how it’s configured.

Steve has reached out to the planning committee for a liaison with the group who is not affiliated with Southminster in any way and is optimistic one will come forward.  

8.Committee reports and decision items

  1. Communications Committee – Brendan McCoy

Brendan, Chris, Becca, Kathy are moving forward with the website and are acting as the communications committee without a Board Member. If there is a board member who could take this on, that would be helpful.

  1. Planning and Zoning – Steve Mennill

There are no further updates from Planning & Zoning beyond the above.             

  1. Program Committee – Lizane Castonguay

Next meeting is September 12th and we will know better who is part of the committee and at that time we’ll try to get 3 or 4 priorities for the year.

Throughout the summer Christy will be working on the episodic programming. We are looking for more volunteers for various issues. If anyone would like to help, please let Lizane/Michaela know. Discussion about FFC survey results.

  1. Special Events Committee – Emilie Taman

Brewer Park Art Show – A new staff member is working on this. Should it be on the same day as the porch sale? A good discussion was had about this and the recommendation is to try to find a different day for the Art show/BBQ as issues of rain, the different demographics for each event, and the idea of taking too much time for families on the one day if ideas were combined. Should it be in the evening? Is another question. Concerns about the viability of merging – can we find another date? July/Aug better. Brendan needs to know 48 hours from now.

  1. Traffic and Safety – Brian Ure

Committee is very pleased about the bike safety rally and rodeo on June 11th. There were about 130 or so attendees. The plan is to do this again next year.

Green Dreamers – The group has been really active. Wednesday and Saturday mornings there is a steady crew working on the neighbourhood. Residents have been offering to split their plants with the Green Dreamers so this has been helpful.

Minutes – The Traffic and Safety Committee asked that the committee minutes and board minutes be posted on the website. The Board members believe that both are once they are approved.

Community – Pedestrian and Cycling access to Colonel By. Ian and David have asked that we survey around this to get a better sense of what the community wants.

Hopewell – Erik Van Der Torre – Ian Grabina’s office came to the parent council meeting to speak to the traffic issues around Hopewell. The South side of Hopewell between the last house and Bank Street will become a no parking and no stopping zone from 8am – 9am and between 3pm – 4pm as this is area is very dangerous, particularly in winter. The school will be suggesting that parents who have to drive students in grades 4 and up drop them off on Glen instead of Hopewell. The bus loading zone on Sunnyside signage is grandfathered and may be changed at some point to no parking again for safety (particularly in winter where buses are dropping kids off who have to go over a snowbank from the plow). A 2nd assessment of Belmont and Bank will be done likely in September.

Bank Street lights assessment – Erik Van Der Torre - The Traffic and Safety Committee is going to review the operation of the lights down Bank St. from a pedestrian safety/consistency point of view and provide this information to the City. Kelly Campbell raised the issue of the intersections of – Riverdale and Sunnyside and Riverdale and Belmont – lights are not switching. Traffic and Safety is now aware of this issue.


  1. Info night for parents around drugs and alcohol – Erik Van Der Torre – Ottawa Public Health is on board and Erik/Hopewell are working to put this on in the fall. Safe and Caring Committee is coming up with a speaker series throughout the year for Emotional Coaching, Internet Safety and Alcohol/Drug use.
  2. Businesses – Erik Van Der TorreErik has been speaking with Hair Republic and Alteriors business owners re: engaging the business community. In a meeting today, they had 7 business owners who discussed another push towards a BIA, and their desire to do something additional, unified, organized thing during the porch sale.
  3. OSCAR – Brendan McCoy

The next deadline for submissions to the OSCAR for the September paper is August 18th.

10.Adjournment – Emilie Taman

Motion to adjourn the meeting. Proposed by Caroline Clark and seconded by Lizane Castonguay. All in favour.


OSCA Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday May 16, 2017
7:30 pm. The Firehall

In Attendance: Lise Beutel, Kelly Campbell, Lizane Castonguay, Christine Franklin, Janet Jull, Linda Hancock, Michael Jenkin, Steve Mennill, Michaela Tokarski, Erik Van Der Torre.

Regrets: Ahmed Elsayed, Evan Pilkington, Brian Ure.

Guests: Ian Grabina (Councillor Chernushenko’s Assistant), Brendan McCoy (OSCAR editor), Christy Savage (OSCA Executive Director), Jamie Brome.

  1. Welcome- Linda Hancock welcomed the new Board.
  1. Approval of Agenda

Motion to approve the agenda. Proposed by Michaela Tokarski, seconded by Lizane Castonguay

All in favour. Motion passed with the following changes:

Add - “Election of executive” just before the Councillor’s report.  

Add-  under ‘other business’ – “Public information session on drug and alcohol use/abuse.”

  1. Approval of Minutes of April 2017

Motion to approve the minutes of April 2017 Proposed by Steve Mennill, seconded by Erik Van Der Torre.

All in favour. Motion passed with no changes

4- Election of the executive.

Linda Hancock, OSCA President, called for the election of the new President and asked if anyone wanted to step forward, in addition to Emilie Taman.

There were no other nominees.

Motion to appoint Emilie Taman as the new OSCA President. Proposed by Michaela Tokarski, seconded by Michael Jenkin.

All in favour. Motion passed unanimously.

Emilie Taman called for the nomination of the OSCA Board Executive.

Motion to appoint Lise Beutel as the OSCA Vice President proposed by Steve Mennill, second

Michaela Tokarski.

All in favour. Motion passed unanimously.

There is no Treasurer. The Board will revisit this.

The Chair of the Program Committee sits on the Executive. This year both Michaela Tokarski and Lizane Castonguay will Co-Chair the Program Committee. Michaela will sit on the Executive for the first half of the year and Lizane will sit on the Executive Committee for the second half of the year.

The Past president position will be held by Linda Hancock.

  1. Councillor’s report- Ian Grabina Assistant to Councillor Chernushenko

Ian introduced himself to the new Board and invited them to contact him with questions.

OC Transpo- The Councillor’s office met to review the 2018 plans specifically for Capital Ward. Bus #1 and #7 originally slated to split at Rideau will no longer be split. Bus # 1 will become Bus #6.

Discussion was had on the congestion and traffic downtown from busses. It is expected that the new LRT will alleviate downtown traffic.

A new service will be added on Main street running 7 days/weekly every 30 mins during regular hours and every 15 minutes during rush hour. The intent is for this to become a 24-hour service.

Noise Bylaw- Many expressed concern over potential changes to the noise bylaw at Lansdowne. There will be no change. There are some improvements related to weekend construction times to the bylaw.

June 21st- open house on foot bridge, oc transpo change in service, western Rideau river pathway. Will also have a face to face opportunity with the councillor.

The Windsor park pathway will be repaved. The Linda Thom target in pathway has deteriorated over the years. There is concern with a new design, which Ian discussed with Linda Thom. The plan will include a commemorative plaque and be designed to avoid deterioration in the future.

The Councillor’s office met with the Traffic and Safety committee to discuss concerns with a safe crossing on Colonel By Drive. It may be beneficial for OSCA to conduct a cycling and pedestrian survey.

There was discussion on the best kind of survey to conduct, what kinds of statistics would need to be analyzed for the NCC. The T&S Committee will discuss this further with the Councillor’s office.

  1. Finance report

Christy presented the Variance from March.

There were no questions or discussion.

  1. Executive Committee report

The Board were encouraged to read reports prior to Board meeting in order to limit discussions to key items.

The Board will need a Treasurer, Chair of Communications and further discussion will be held on the status of the Special Events Committee.

  1. Committee reports and decision items
  1. Communications Committee

No report.

  1. Planning and Zoning

Southminster Development- There has been one more community meeting since the OSCA AGM. Not much has changed. The proposed plan was summarized. A zoning application will be submitted within the next couple of days. This will be a 9-12-month process and, although not necessary, there will likely be a public meeting. Site plan approval will also be required, this is a separate but parallel process in terms of designing the exterior features of the building.

The Board will need to decide if it will take a position on this or not.

Steve Mennill stated that he will recuse himself from any decisions since he is on the Southminster Church Committee.

Discussion was had on OSCA’s role in development projects. OSCA does not take a position unless a development would have an overall negative effect on the community. OSCA’s role is one of facilitating discussion. The Planning committee has a mandate that spells out that role.

It was agreed that it would be helpful to get some community input via a public meeting.

There is also the need to have a Community Design Plan (CDP) in Old Ottawa South, which does not exist. With the Board’s approval Planning & Zoning will pursue this.

  1. Program Committee

Nothing to add to report.

  1. Special events- Ilia Fabbri would like to act as the liaison to the Board for Special Events. Although the Board will need to discuss the role of a Special Events Committee in future, the biggest concern would be to keep people engaged in attending and organizing events. The new position of a Brewer Park Art Show Coordinator will aid with further discussion on this. The Board agreed to hire someone to coordinate this event as a test project for potentially running OSCA’s signature events.
  1. Traffic and Safety
  1. Other-

Public information session on drug and alcohol use/abuse.

Erik Van der Torre raised the issue of off property drinking and drug abuse by grade 6-8 students, even during the school day. This issue transcends Hopewell Avenue Public School students. Erik asked if OSCA could take on the role of facilitating community information sessions.

Several communities in Ottawa have had information sessions on opioids because of recent concerns with overdosing.

Discussion- The Board fully supported this. There was discussion on capacity at the Firehall for an event of this potential magnitude, there may be interest in a few sessions. Ottawa Public Health can offer these types of programs within the schools.

Discussion was held on OSCA’s role and how we can give added value to the community on this subject. This may be in connecting various resources and school boards and work with the parents council’s.

No specific motion was put forward. Erik will reach out to various groups and report back to the Board.

Business beat for OSCAR- Erik Van Der Torre has been meeting with businesses and discussing how they fit into the community. Although in the early stages, there is opportunity for Businesses to connect in OOS. Erik will report back to the Board on the possibility of this and a BIA.  

Ilia Fabbri-  noted that her role on the Board is as the Old Ottawa East (OOE) representative. If there are any questions or comments please let her know. She also let the Board know that there will be a community barbecue at Brantwood park every Friday from 5:30- 8:30. Also on Friday June 16th Lalaland will show in the park and on June 17th Main Event Garage Sale will be held in OOE.

  1. Adjournment-

Motion to adjourn the meeting. Proposed by Michael Jenkin and seconded by Michaela Tokarski. All in favour.

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