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NRC Aging in Place – Expert by Experience (EBE) Project Advisor Recruitment

Older adults across the country agree that they want to keep living in their own homes for as long as possible—safely and injury free. 

In 2020, the Government of Canada announced the new Aging in Place Challenge Program led by the National Research Council of Canada. Researchers from the NRC are partnering with like-minded private, public, academic and other research organizations to develop technological breakthroughs to help older adults and their caregivers to live in their homes and communities of choice. 

Senior Watch Old Ottawa South Minutes of 15 July 2021 meeting on Zoom

Present:   Barbara Brown, Anna Cuylits (co-chair), Maura Giuliani (minutes), Peter Heyck,

     Terence Hunsley (co-chair), Carolyn Inch

Regrets:    Sian Fitzgerald

Agenda items:

  1. Agenda:   Agenda approved with one additional item – NRC report (5a)
  2. Minutes:  Minutes approved
  3. Items for updates & discussion
    • Health – Carolyn reported on a seminar given by the Nurse Practitioners’ Assn of Ontario and noted that while there are 3 areas of specialization for NPs, geriatrics is not one of them.  Because OOS is not presently considered an area of high need, it is difficult to find financial support for a NP clinic. Anna and Carolyn, in collaboration with a NP student Wendy Mihell, will continue to pursue avenues to get some form of geriatric care into the neighbourhood. 
    • Housing – “Are we a problem in search of a solution?” or ahead of our time?  Terry reported that responses to our survey have been low, which may be in part a problem of timing.  He will ask Shawn and Joel to put the survey in their communications, but the idea is to get people talking and considering what will be needed as our population quickly ages.  He will explore contacting developers at Bank & Riverside to explore various possibilities, including favorable rents for seniors.  He has also asked for a spot on the upcoming OSCA Board meeting to report on housing issues.
  4. Community Pillars for Seniors – meeting scheduled for July 23 at 10 am on Zoom.

Response has been good.  Barbara will act as timekeeper.

  1. Website

The primary problem seems to be finding SWOOS on the OSCA site.  Maura           will try again to persuade someone to make SWOOS easier to locate.

5A – National Research Council on Aging in Place

Anna called attention to this proposed plan.  Although NRC is not a major player in the health field, their interest in technology may well be of benefit to seniors at home.  She will find name of LHIN connection.

  1.  Future SWOOS articles

Anna – Community Pillars meeting

  1. Next meeting

Sept 15

Bus 7 Stop at Sunnyside and Leonard to be Reinstated

Bus 7 Stop at Sunnyside and Leonard to be Reinstated

As mentioned in the April 2020 OSCAR, the longstanding number 7 westbound bus stop at the corner of Sunnyside and Leonard was removed in 2014 when the rain gardens were installed. Since then, some passengers descending from this bus had to walk about an extra 170 metres to get to their destinations.

An extra 170 metres doesn’t appear much if you are young, vigorous and the weather cooperates, but when you are getting on in years or have mobility problems, and the weather is so typically hot or cold, the footing slippery and uneven (as often happens in winter), the extra metres become a good reason to give up on busing.


Community Pillars for Seniors in Old Ottawa South

Who are the Community Pillars in Old Ottawa South? They are the three churches, Trinity Anglican, Wesleyan and Southminster United, the Sunnyside Library, Abbotsford House, the Community Association, our City Councillor, MPP and MP. Organizations and political elements that have been here “forever.” As a watchdog for seniors, Senior Watch Old Ottawa South (SWOOS) organized a meeting on May 28, 2020 on ZOOM to share and learn with one another outreach efforts and resources for seniors in Old Ottawa South living under COVID-19 distancing and isolation restrictions. Here is what we learned:

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