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Snow Mole Volunteers, We Need Your Surveys!

Snow Mole Volunteers, We Need Your Surveys!

Last year, Old Ottawa South submitted more Snow Mole questionnaires than any other neighbourhood in our city—can we do this again?

Winter has arrived and with it the slipping, sliding, and winter grippers to prevent falls. Will this annual bane ever get any better? The city staff report and proposal for upgrades to their Winter Maintenance Quality Standards (WMQS) has been finalised but unfortunately delayed for approval until the 2022-2023 budget. But the good news is that this year results of the Snow Mole audits will be shared with several city departments involved with public safety and accessibility as well as with Public Works, the Environmental Services Department responsible for snow clearing.


OSCA Postpones The Start of Winter Programming

Given the exceptionally rapid spread of the Omicron COVID variant in Ottawa and Ontario, and the uncertainty with respect to how this will impact the risks we face locally in the delivery of recreational programming, OSCA has decided to postpone the start of its Winter programing for adults, youth and children from Monday, January 3 to Monday, January 17, 2022 as a safety measure to protect our clients and staff. As a result, winter programming will be extended for two weeks longer than normal and finish on Friday, April 1st, 2022.

For the first two weeks of January only the Fitness Centre will be open for use, with a limit of 2 persons at any one time who must social distance and follow all screening and other safety protocols.

One of the “surprises” discovered during the ongoing restoration of the OTLBC Clubhouse!

The Tennis Club Makes Heritage a Priority

Frankly, an old wooden box makes a rather poor footing. As restoration of the OTLBC Clubhouse gathers steam in winter 2021-22 and a century of makeshift repairs is exposed, there have been some real surprises. One of these was the discovery of a wooden Coca-Cola box, filled with concrete and jammed in to support a beam holding up the floor. Clearly maintaining the Clubhouse has not been a priority in the past century. But why not?


Xmas Tree Drop-off

Give your Christmas tree a new lease on life after the holidays this year. Bring it over to the Rideau Canal Skateway Christmas Tree drop off so we can reuse them! Your tree will be used as a decoration on the Rideau Canal Skateway, and afterwards, will be transformed into wood chips to be used throughout the Capital.

Rideau Winter Trail board member and city councillor, Mathieu Fleury, along the trail.

Easy Access to the Rideau Winter Trail

After a beautiful summer in the nation’s capital, the thoughts of those of us at the Rideau Winter Trail (RWT) have definitely turned to winter. The RWT is a volunteer run not-for-profit in the heart of the city, running along the Rideau River from Donald Street (where the Rideau Sports Centre is located) to Bank Street (more on this below!), offering approximately 12 kms of groomed trail for cross-country skiing, snow shoeing, fat biking and walking.

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