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Reminder: Set Up Your OSCA Registration Family Profile

27 February 2013 | Published in News. Read 4752 times.

All registrants must create a password-protected profile for themselves and their family members before they can register for the program(s) of their choice. You can do this now and set up your Family Profile in advance of the opening of registration. Just click the red "Register Online" button to get started.

While we understand that this process will entail some extra time and effort on your part, this system is in place for a number of important reasons. First, it will enhance the protection and privacy of your and your family's personal information as you will control who is included in your profile and who has access to your account. Second, it will make it easier for you and OSCA to track your current and past program registrations as that information will all be in one place. It will also allow you to access and print up receipts for program enrolments and payments, and to provide the e-mail addresses that you wish to receive updates on OSCA programming (for example which courses are cancelled due to lack of enrolment, what's new in the way of programs and when you can register for programs). Finally, once you have created your profile, it's permanent and you don't have to repeat the process, unless you need to update changes in your information (for example, a change in an emergency contact number).