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Old Ottawa South Garden Club Photographic Contest

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The Old Ottawa South Garden Club is pleased to announce the first Old Ottawa South Garden Club photographic contest.  The contest is open to all members and drop-ins; judging will take place at our April 2017 meeting and prizes awarded at our May 2017 meeting. Details as follows.

Photo Contest Convenor: Pat Liston e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


1. Extreme close-ups of a blossom or a leaf with or without garden insects. 

2. Larger Views of a whole plant, a garden bed, or garden vista.

Form of Entries

• Printed on photographic-quality paper and no distinction will be made between pictures taken by cameras using film and digital. Entries received on non-photographic quality paper will be disqualified. (Please refer to the Rules for Print)


• Submitted as a JPEG digital image on a memory stick, CD, or an attachment in an email. (To allow us to present the winning photos as a slideshow; otherwise the competition convenor may scan the prints for the slideshow.)  Please label the electronic media with your name.

Judging and Prizes

In each class, there are two components to the voting procedure:

Judge’s Choice photos will be judged by Anne Johnston for the image that, according to the judge, shows the greatest imaginative quality and technical excellence. 

People’s Choice photos will be judged by members and drop-ins at the April 10th, 2017 meeting prior to the meeting and at the break. 

Photographs will be judged on their horticultural merit (40%), their photographic impact (40%), and subject interest (20%). Please note that “photographic impact” includes an assessment of the technical quality of the print with respect to colour reproduction or other physical elements in the preparation of the print. 

Monetary prizes of $25 will be awarded at the May 8, 2017 meeting, when winners will be announced, and winning photos will be displayed. The winning photos and the names of the winning photographers will appear in the OSCAR newspaper and/or our newsletter or website.

All entries will be returned at this meeting.

General Rules

1. The competition is open to all members and drop-ins of the Old Ottawa South Garden Club.

2. A photograph may be entered only once.

3. Each competitor can enter a total of three images per class.


Entries may be given to Pat Liston or her substitute at any meeting until March. 

You may also drop off your entries or mail them to the convenor’s home (please contact convenor for address). 

Entries must be submitted to the competition’s co-ordinator, Pat Liston, on or before, March 31st, 2017. 

Rules for Prints

1. Prints must be on photographic paper and be 5” by 7” in size. 

2. Please place a small arrow on the back of each photo to indicate which way is up.

3. Please include the word “Class” and the Class number on the back of each print. A competition code will be assigned to each entry in the envelope and will be recorded on the back of the print.

4. To allow for an unbiased judgment, we ask that your name appear nowhere on the print. 

5. Please submit your photos in an envelope upon which you have clearly printed your name, phone number, and e-mail address, and have indicated whether or not you agree to have your winning photos reproduced.

6. Unless you indicate otherwise, by entering the competition you agree that your name and images of your winning photos may be reproduced in the OSCAR or newsletter and/or displayed on the OOSGC website (if available).

7. If you prefer to have your photos mailed back to you after the competition, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope with sufficient postage. 

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