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Rideau Canal Crossing: Fifth Avenue-Clegg Street Bridge

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What's new?

Official sod turning event is September 29, 2017.

Planned Detours

Initial construction work will include a clearly signed & paved pathway detour on the west side of the Canal along Queen Elizabeth Driveway between 3rd Ave and 5th Ave and a re-alignment of Colonel By Drive near Clegg on the east side. A clearly signed pathway detour will be provided on the east side between Clegg Street and Herridge Street with a signalized crossing at Herridge Street to return to the pathway along the Canal.

Project Timelines  

Construction start west side: Mid-September 2017

Construction start east side: Mid-October 2017

Canal drawdown: begins October 10, 2017

Pier work in the Canal: October 2017 to March 2018

Skate way and navigation seasons: not impacted

Required tree removal/relocation: November 2017

New Watermain work : summer 2018

Project substantial completion: August 30, 2019


Project Overview

The Rideau Canal Crossing project involves the design and construction of a 5 metre wide by 123 metre long, linear multi-use pedestrian and cyclist bridge over the Rideau Canal. It will be in proximity to Fifth Avenue and Clegg Street, from the boulevard west of Queen Elizabeth Driveway (on the west side of the canal) over both the Rideau Canal and Colonel By Drive to the median between Echo Drive and Colonel By Drive (on the east side of the canal). The new bridge will reduce distances between two important mid-town Ottawa communities and will improve access for all users of the City’s extensive network of pedestrian multi-use pathways.

The project involves construction of an architecturally inspired arched bridge over the Rideau Canal, supported on ‘V’ columns on two new piers in the canal. The eastern access will feature a switchback ramp and staircase, while the western access will be a curved earth fill ramp with asphalt pathway. The existing lily pond at the west end of the bridge will be enhanced and re-aligned with the new ramp. The existing pathway will be moved closer to the canal.

The bridge also includes an elliptically-shaped lookout area at the west abutment, structure illumination, and relocation of an existing water main under the canal.

The project received Federal Land Use and Design Approval April 7, 2017.

This project has received Federal and Provincial Infrastructure funding.

For more information, see the City of Ottawa website

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