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Bank Street Roundup

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There is a lot happening on Bank Street, and rather than focusing on one or two specific businesses in Old Ottawa South, this month’s Business Beat will highlight some of the changes that have occurred this summer.

Porch & Sidewalk Sale

One of the most exciting developments in the OOS business community is that several local business owners have been meeting on a regular basis to figure out a way to better highlight OOS’ local business community. As many residents will remember, efforts to form a BIA failed in 2012 due to the resistance of a few business owners and in particular some landlords (to form a BIA, landlords are the ones who get a vote, not individual business owners). But over the past few months, a steady core of local, independent, and engaged business owners have been getting together and discussing ways to join forces in better promoting OOS’ lively business community.

One of the first tangible results of this collaboration is the fact that a large number of businesses including, but not limited to: Hair Republic, Alteriors, the Clothes Secret, etc. − will be holding a sidewalk sale during the upcoming Porch Sale (Saturday, September 9, 2017). The group is currently working on promotional material to announce and highlight the Sidewalk Sale, and look for flyers and posters to find out which businesses will be participating.


As very recent dog owners − we have had our puppy for 5 months − we only had the opportunity to try WAG’s doggy day care services once. And both we and the puppy loved it. So we were more than a bit sad to see the very sudden disappearance of WAG.

According to a notice that was briefly posted in the window, WAG owed several months’ worth of rent and all indications are that they went bankrupt.

Nicole, who worked at WAG’s day care, will continue to work as a caregiver for dogs and is hoping to open her own doggy day care within the next 6-12 months. In the meantime she’s offering her dog-walking/check-in/house-sitting services: nicole@wizardsofpawspetcare.com.

Lilac Nails & Spa

Photo by Erik van der Torre.

As mentioned in the previous OSCAR, the Winerack − 1105 Bank Street − recently closed its doors. But the space didn’t sit empty for very long and Lilac Nails & Spas had their grand opening on August 19th.

One would have to think that with this opening, the nail and beauty market is now saturated in OOS, especially since the former Kaleidoscope Books location (just across the Bank Street Bridge) also recently became a nail salon.


One of the most mysterious new developments is the paper that went up in the north half of the old Folklore Centre (1107 Bank Street). The paper is decorated with all kinds of images, including a radio, tall ship, whale, flowers, and scissors. There is also a barber symbol in the top left corner. Throwing the name that’s written on the paper - Arkadia Dimiourgikos Kefalaio - into Google Translate suggests that it is Greek for “Arcadia Creative Capital”. By the time the September OSCAR comes out we may know what’s gone in, but for now I can only guess it might be another barber shop?

A Modern Space

Across the street, the north half of the former Three Little Monkeys (1150 Bank Street) has indeed become a furniture store: A Modern Space. While the space is relatively small, it’s surprising how much beautiful furniture they are still able to display. I have to admit that we tend to gravitate to modern, European style furniture, so this new place is right up my alley.

Starz Hair Boutique

Starz Hair Boutique moved from their somewhat small and dark space at 1193 Bank Street to the other side of the street into the larger, brighter space recently vacated by Sirenas Spa (1223 Bank Street).


A few doors down from the old Starz location, in the space vacated by Lazard & associates (1208 Bank Street), Vapeking is set to open their 4th Ottawa location. They sell electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, e-liquids and other accessories. I am not part of their target audience, but I kind of like having a wide variety of different businesses on Bank.

Roost & Grills

When we moved to OOS, 1202 Bank Street was occupied by Buttercream Bakery. We went there a few times and actually quite enjoyed their cakes and pastries. When ownership changed, we, like many other I guess, felt the quality had gone down and it wasn’t long before they closed their doors. The location has had a few changes since then and if I’m honest I had little hope for the most recent tenant: Dough Brothers. Paper is now up in the window and from the looks of it the space will reopen as Roost & Grills. Somehow I’m finding the name somewhat confusing, but I’d have to assume one of the main things on offer will be rotisserie chicken? If that is the case, I will actually be quite excited. I briefly lived in Toronto, just around the corner from a Portuguese roast chicken joint and I was instantly hooked. Here’s hoping Roost & Grills can live up to that promise and will last longer than the previous few places.

Business Beat is a monthly feature that highlights new and existing businesses in Old Ottawa South. Reviews and opinions are those of the author alone. If you know of any new businesses opening up or want to share your thoughts about existing businesses, please feel free to share them: e.vandertorre@gmail.com.

Erik van der Torre has lived in Old Ottawa South for over 8 years. He is a member of the OSCA Board, the Traffic & Safety Committee, and Hopewell Avenue PS’ parent council.

Originally published in the September 2017 OSCAR.

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