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Concept view looking northwest.
Concept view looking northwest. City of Ottawa.

Name the new Rideau Canal crossing

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The Canal Footbridge, the Fifth Avenue Bridge, Clegg Footbridge, Rideau Crossing — whatever you’ve been calling it, it’s time to agree on a permanent name for new bridge connecting the Glebe and Old Ottawa East/Old Ottawa South. What name do you suggest?

Following guidelines set by the City, we are collecting suggestions for names that honour local historical events, people or places, or outstanding individuals of the community.

You can complete the form with your suggestion, and explain in 250 words or less why it’s an appropriate name. The deadline for submissions is March 1, 2018.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • If the name put forward refers to a historic event, person or place: What is its/his/her relationship to the bridge?
  • If you are nominating an outstanding individual: In what way was this person exceptionally dedicated or did they demonstrate excellence in service to the communities surrounding the bridge?
  • Or, how did they volunteer or give extraordinary help or care to individuals, families or groups or support the communities surrounding the bridge?
  • Or, how did they demonstrate commitment to equity, inclusion, justice or reconciliation?

The City of Ottawa will review all submissions to ensure they comply with the regulations. Names that are discriminatory or derogatory, that are currently in use by the City of Ottawa, or that commercialize the bridge will not be considered. The name proposed should engender a positive image for the community and city.

No, Bridgey McBridgeface is not eligible, regardless of how many people support it!

A shortlist of all eligible names will be deliberated and voted upon by a Naming Committee comprised of eight members:

  • Councillor David Chernushenko
  • one representative from each of the three neighbouring community associations (Glebe, Old Ottawa East, and Old Ottawa South)
  • one member of the public from each of those same communities, as nominated by their respective community association; please contact yours if you are interested
  • one representative of the mayor’s office

Once a preferred name is chosen, it will be brought forward to City Council for formal approval — in time, we hope, for the bridge's anticipated opening in the summer of 2019.

To submit ideas, see capitalward.ca.

A reminder that the Rideau Canal Eastern Parkway, between Clegg & Herridge Streets, is closed due to the bridge construction until fall 2018.


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