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Construction progress 7 December 2017.
Construction progress 7 December 2017. Photo by John Dance.

Canal Foot & Bike Bridge Update

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Construction progress is on schedule although there was a minor delay in creating the Herridge pedestrian crossing of Colonel By Drive. Traffic on Colonel By Drive has largely returned to normal after the slight shifting of the parkway just north of Clegg (this was required to widen the Echo-CBD “island” to accommodate the switchback). 

The piling and cofferdam for the Glebe-side west pier is completed and the forming of the west pier is underway. The Old Ottawa East/Old Ottawa South-side east pier cofferdam is completed and noisy piling for the east pier and east abutments for bridge/switchback is scheduled for completion by the first week in January. 

In terms of the pier construction, the piles (the “U” shaped steel vertical pieces) are cut off below the Canal bed and a concrete foundation is poured, integrating the piles for support.  An elliptical column is formed with wood on top of the foundation and filled with concrete. The "V" vertical supports that go on top of the piers are in the fabrication drawing stage and will be built over the winter in North Bay. 

The ramps and the east-side switchback will be constructed next summer. As noted before, the skating and navigation seasons will not be affected. The replacement of the old watermain going under the Canal near the bridge will be next summer and the “project substantial completion” remains August 30, 2019. 

You can help choose a name for the new bridge!

Bridge construction 7 December 2017. Photo by John Dance.

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