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Swallows Delay Underpass Construction

Swallows Delay Underpass Construction

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Advance work on the construction of the multi-use path underpass at Bank Street and Riverside Drive has been postponed due to Barn Swallows nesting under Billings Bridge. Barn Swallows are protected under the Species at Risk Act. 

The actual construction on the project will start now in September, once the Barn Swallows have left. However, tree removal operations will proceed as planned this summer.

The proposed design, currently being finalized, provides a grade-separated crossing below Bank Street, adjacent to the abutment along the eastern shore of the Rideau River. The underpass will increase pedestrian and cyclist safety minimizing the impact to the Rideau River and the surrounding embankment.

The existing multi-use pathway at the intersection will remain in place, allowing cyclists and pedestrians to cross when spring flooding forces the closure of the underpass.

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