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Starting a Neighbour-woods Group

Starting a Neighbour-woods Group

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Trees are amongst our most generous neighbours, providing shade and shelter, cooling, windbreaks, and even fruit. We need to protect our valuable old trees and add young ones. We face the loss of trees via construction/ development, emerald ash borer, as well as ice storms, wind, and other weather. Our urban canopy is under duress!

The very active Champlain Park folks in Kitchissippi Ward recently produced an infographic detailing the number and types of trees in one 3-block area. They also calculated the financial benefits of these trees to the human residents.

While that community has focused their attention on documenting the living trees and their value, their city councillor Jeff Leiper has announced a project to record the loss of trees in our city. Anyone who has lost a tree to storm or infill is invited to mark its location on the Google map at this site: https://t.co/GZ3Ev293zJ 

The University of New Brunswick's 30-city study over 11 years has shown that living near green spaces and trees is health preserving. “While previous studies have shown that exposure to green space and parks can improve mental health and in some cases physical health, the researchers say this is the first big study to show a clear link between green surroundings and a lower risk of premature death,” says a CBC website report.

I would like to see our Old Ottawa South community initiate a Neighbour-woods group. Who else would support this vital activity?

Jane Keeler lives in OOS and can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Originally published in the June 2018 OSCAR.


Photo by Brendan McCoy.

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