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Carleton Learning in Retirement Fall Sessions

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The Learning in Retirement program at Carleton University has announced the upcoming sessions scheduled for fall of 2018. Fall 2018 Sessions I and II will feature a total of twenty-three unique and exciting lecture series, six writing workshops, and two language workshops. In addition, during the months of September and October, there will be a total of twenty-three single lecture presentations offered during the daytime and evening.

Registration starts August 8, 2018.

FALL 2018 - SESSION I (September 10 – October 22, 2018)

Lecture Series:

1.    Fifteen Fascinating Muslims, with H. Masud Taj 
2.    How Accomplished Architects Live and Die, with H. Masud Taj
3.    Understanding Scientific Issues and Controversies, with Scott Dobson-Mitchell 
4.    Israel/Palestine: Will It Ever End? with Dr. Peter Larson
5.    Behind the Headlines: Current News and World Events, with Dr. Elliot Tepper
6.    The Neuropsychology of Memory and Vision, with Dr. Peter Fried
7.    The United Nations: What It Is and Does, with Dr. Marcel Jesenský
8.    Actively Listening to Music, with Keith McCuaig 
9.    Learning to Look: Navigating the Mysteries of the Art World, with Maria Martin
10.  Star Stuff to Life, with Robert Dick
11.  Matters of the Heart: Comprehensive Cardiology, with Sarah Beanlands


Writing Workshops:

1.    Writing the Stories of My Life: Remembering Through Music, with Dr. Anna Rumin 
2.    The Personal Journal: A Springboard for Memoir, with Dr. Anna Rumin
3.    Writing Opinion Articles, with Kate Heartfield
4.    Writing the Stories of My Life: Remembering Through Fashion, with Dr. Anna Rumin


Language Workshop:

  1.  Spanish for Travellers Level I, with Dr. Ioana Dimitriu


FALL 2018 - SESSION II (October 29– December 7, 2018)

Lecture Series: 

1.    Quantum Weirdness: A Beginner’s Guide, with Dr. Andrew Robinson 
2.    We Shall Overcome: The Civil Rights Movement Through Song, with Dr. Stephen Richer and the collaboration of Janine Smith
3.    Time is Just a Four-Letter Word, with Dr. Peter Watson
4.    Art Appreciation: Canadian Art (Daytime), with Angela Marcus
5.    Women and Islam, with Dr. Monia Mazigh 
6.    Revolutions in Russian History, with Dr. Carter Elwood
7.    “Everybody’s Business”: A Brief History of Diplomacy, with Dr. Marcel Jesenský
8.    Film Music: The Sounds of Hollywood, with Keith McCuaig 
9.    Theories of Personality and Beyond! with Misha Sokolov 
10.  Art Appreciation: Canadian Art (Evening), with Angela Marcus
11.  What’s Bugging You: Microbes and the Human Body, with Daniel Burnside 
12.  A Brief History of Jazz: Duke, Dizzy, Miles, Monk, Mingus, and More, with Adrian Cho


Writing Workshops:

1.    Remembering Through Reading: Writing the Stories of My Life, with Dr. Anna Rumin
2.    Remembering Through Space and Time: Writing the Stories of My Life, with Dr. Anna Rumin

Language Series:

1.    Hispanic Rhythms for Low Intermediate Spanish Conversation, with Dr. Ioana Dimitriu



1.    Artificial Intelligence Demystified, with Misha Sokolov
2.    The Art of Jazz Singing (Section I), with Dr. Diane Nalini 
3.    Rebels and Radicals: Canada and the Spanish Civil War, with Dr. Patryk Polec
4.    Plunder or Preservation? Lord Elgin and the Marbles, with David Walden
5.    Three Voyagers: The Student, the Scholar, and the Admiral, with H. Masud Taj
6.    How to Enjoy Reading James Joyce’s Ulysses, with Sylvie Hill
7.    Coping and Hoping…without God, with Dr. Tom Sherwood
8.    The Gouzenko Affair: A Watershed Moment in Canadian History, with Dr. Patryk Polec
9.    What’s Wrong with Gaza? Why Won’t Hamas Make Peace? with Dr. Peter Larson
10.  The Mavericks: Comets and Asteroids, with Robert Dick
11.  A Canadian Abroad: Architecture, Poetry, and Calligraphy, with H. Masud Taj
12.  Pawsitive Support, with Shannon Noonan
13.  Wisdom that Brings Us to Peace and Happiness, with Tan Ngo
14.  Whistleblowers: Criminals or Heroes? with Kathy Dobson
15.  Difficult Conversations, with Dr. Rebecca Bromwich
16.  The Conscious Mind, with Misha Sokolov 
17.  Welcome to Romania! with Dr. Ioana Dimitriu 
18.  The Human Microbiome and How It Affects Health, with Dr. Nafisa Jadavji 
19.  The Art of Jazz Singing (Section II), with Dr. Diane Nalini 
20.  (re)Conciliation in Haudenosaunee Culture and Practice, with Dr. Kahente Horn-Miller
21.  Ottawa Architectural Landscape: Exploring Prosperity and Memory through Built Heritage, with Emily Guy 
22.  Theology in Colour: Introduction to Byzantine Iconography, with Dr. Ioana Dimitriu 
23.  War Art or War Memorial? What Exactly is Canada’s War Art? with Dr. Laura Brandon

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