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Back to School

Back to School

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As young people head back to school this fall, a few changes have been made relating to traffic that will make their journey a little safer.

You'll notice that a second adult crossing guard has been added mornings and afternoons at Bank Street & Sunnyside Avenue. A request placed by the Councillor’s Office was reviewed last spring and City staff responsible for School Zone Traffic agreed that the intersection warranted a second crossing guard. Ian and Andrew have been hired to fill these positions.  Please take extra care at this very busy intersection.

Important to note is that drivers, including cyclists, must stop and yield the whole roadway at pedestrian crossovers, school crossings, and other locations where there is a crossing guard present. Only when pedestrians and school crossing guards have crossed and are safely on the sidewalk can drivers and cyclists proceed. 

crossing guard
Adult Crossing Guard, Andrew Spicer, at Bank & Sunnyside. Photo by Sue Neill.
crossing guard
Adult Crossing Guard, Ian Ridpath, at Bank & Sunnyside. Photo by Sue Neill.

Plus, as of September 1, 2018, penalties for drivers who endanger pedestrians have increased. This  includes higher fines and more demerit points for drivers who fail to yield to pedestrians at crossovers, school crossings, and crosswalks with a school crossing guard present.  For further details, see the information provided by the Ontario Ministry of Transport at  www.mto.gov.on.ca/english/safety/pedestrian-safety.shtml.

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