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Classical Music, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars: The Ottawa Guitar Trio

Classical Music, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars: The Ottawa Guitar Trio

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The October concert of the Music at Trinity concert series features the Ottawa Guitar Trio comprised of Nathan Bredeson, François Lacelle, and Alexandre Bougie. They are preparing a wonderful program of classical music gems and music composed for some of our favorite movies, in a guitar trio setting. Since, for the most part, the music they will perform was not originally composed for three guitars, one had to arrange the music and adapt it to this new medium. For most of the program, the music was arranged by the members the trio themselves and one can appreciate the level of artistry it takes for someone to arrange a score conceived in some cases for a full orchestra to a smaller setting such as a guitar trio.

After graduating from their master's degrees in classical guitar performance from the University of Ottawa and Wisconsin Milwaukee respectively, the Ottawa Guitar Trio strives to enchant and enthrall the world with a performance imbued in sensitivity and virtuosity. By bringing to the table a medley of timeless favorites by the likes of Debussy, Ravel, and Piazzolla, along with pieces from modern movie and video game soundtracks such as Zelda (Kondo), Star Wars (Williams) and The Lord of the Rings (Shore), the trio is always thrilled to share genuine moments of nostalgia and excitement with their listeners.

The program they have chosen for us starts with a Fugal Fanfare by the young American composer Benjamin Allen Dameron, a graduate from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. We will then be treated to Maurice Ravel’s Pavane pour une infante défunte arranged by François Lacelle. Next is Paul Hindemith’s Rondo for three guitars, a piece he composed in 1925 and revised in 1930. Nathan Bredeson chose to arrange two lovely piano pieces by the French composer Claude Debussy. Written in 1890, Debussy's Rêverie was one of his first solo piano works to make an impact. Golliwog’s Cakewalk from the suite Children’s Corner is a fascinating piece of music. At the time of its composition Golliwogs (black doll with red pants) were very popular as were the cakewalks (Afro-American dance similar to a ragtime). Debussy even quotes Wagner’s love-death motif in the middle section of the piece which was published in 1908. To conclude the classical segment of the program, the trio decided on Astor Piazolla’s Libertango arranged by Alexandre Bougie.

Those who love film music will be delighted to hear some arrangements by François Lacelle of Howard Shore’s music for The Lord of the Rings trilogy. They have selected, The History of the Ring, Concerning Hobbits, Riders of Rohan and The Fellowship of the Ring. Those who love video games will be thrilled as will have the pleasure of hearing yet again another arrangement of Lacelle: Koji Kondo’s Ocarina of Time suite from The Legend of Zelda. To conclude the concert, it seemed inevitable to prepare an arrangement from one of the most prolific composer of film music: John Williams. Nathan Bredeson took on the challenge of arranging four timeless themes from the Star Wars movies: The Title Theme, Imperial March, Cantina Band and Throne Room. This promises to be a very exciting concert with some of the best guitarists in Ottawa.

This concert will be on October 13, 2018 at 4:30 pm at Trinity Anglican Church (1230 Bank Street at Cameron) with the Ottawa Guitar Trio (Nathan Bredeson, Alexandre Bougie, and François Lacelle). Admission is by freewill offering.

Originally published in the October 2018 OSCAR.

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