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Something to Report to the City?

06 March 2017 | Published in News. Read 753 times.

Do you have something to report to the City? Perhaps it's an illegally parked car on your street, or a huge pothole around the corner, or you may want to compliment a City employee for a job well done! Well, the good news is that it’s very easy! 

The traditional way is to call 3-1-1, the main telephone number for the City of Ottawa and talk to the operator there. You may need to hold or be transferred to the appropriate department but you can make your report this way.

However there is a faster and more efficient method to make a report! Using your computer or cell phone or other android device simply type in myservice.ottawa.ca or ottawa.ca. You will immediately see a list of things you can do but for now, just click on “report or request”. A drop down menu will provide a list of areas for selection: animals and pets, complaints and compliments, garbage and recycling, health and safety, parking, parks and trees, property management and road management.

If your complaint is parking, click on parking and another drop down menu will appear. Click on, for example, no parking zone and you will then be asked to provide a few details—where is the car, what type and colour is it, and so on. Once you submit the form, the Bylaw Officer often appears within 15-30 minutes depending on the number of concurrent requests, the time of day or night, other events, etc. The process is the same for other areas of reporting.

It's easy, so make the effort and keep the neighbourhood working as it should!