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A Dazzle of Zebra Stripes

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zebra-sunnyside-riverdaleThis last month they seem to be popping up everywhere: zebra stripes at Aylmer & Bank and lately at Sunnyside & Riverdale and yet another dazzle a little further south at Cameron & Riverdale – the latest arrivals in a series of recommendations endorsed by OSCA in 2012.

We seem to be on a roll! The Annual Report of the Lansdowne Transportation Management Operations Committee (LTMOC) is due in April 2015 and now that “big event” planning and the Redblacks season is under control, “everyday operations” will attract more of the attention of the City and LTMOC (not all traffic recommendations come under the Lansdowne Monitoring Plan, some sit squarely with the City and its response to increased traffic in Ottawa).

By now you may have noticed that the lights at Bank & Sunnyside have an advanced pedestrian signal. This same option is under consideration at Sunnyside & Riverdale. Also under review is the automatic activation of pedestrian crossing signals when the light turns green at all traffic intersections along Bank. And yes, maybe more dazzles: east-west crosswalks at Willard and Fairbairn (close to the Firehall).

Recently, OOS residents, the Traffic Committee, the Executive Director of OSCA and program coordinators met with Kerry-Lynn Mohr, a Traffic Specialist with the City of Ottawa to address some of the more immediate concerns along Sunnyside between Bank & Riverdale.

Some of the proposals include: changing parking on Willard from 3 hours to 2; moving existing parking on Willard from the west side to the east side of the street, allowing for more drop-off room for the daycare further south from the corner of Willard & Sunnyside where both the stopping and the parking is proving hazardous; maintaining a no parking zone on the west side (again on Willard) to allow for better visibility for north-bound traffic; relocating the existing No Parking sign at Bellwood & Sunnyside another 6m west (to improve visibility for north bound cars turning left on to Sunnyside); and a parking permit zone for the Firehall on the west side of Fairbairn Street.

And the list goes on, including a painted bulb-out on the south east quadrant of the intersection of Glen & Seneca, and the installation of “Stop Ahead” warning signs on both sides of Riverdale as cars approach Cameron Street.

So stay tuned. We continue to work on traffic recommendations developed by you and endorsed by OSCA. We plan to be included in LTMOC’s Annual Report in 2015 and to make a guest appearance at the Transportation Committee where the Annual Report will be presented.

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