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The Old Ottawa South Traffic Survey: An Update

24 September 2013 | Published in News. Read 779 times.

Bank Street Bridge  On Tuesday, September 17, 2013, OSCA endorsed recommendations from the OOS Traffic Survey launched online in June 2013.  The survey was initiated in response to traffic management issues raised at the Lansdowne Transportation Advisory Committee (LTAC), chaired by Councilor David Chernushenko.

The OOS Traffic Survey acts as a bridge between two official City of Ottawa studies, one completed in 2012 west of Bank Street, the other initiated in May 2013 east of Bank encompassing Riverdale Avenue & Area including Sunnyside Avenue east of Bank (results expected late 2013 or early 2014).

After reviewing 626 responses to the survey itself, plus 283 additional comments, the Review Committee drafted a set of recommendations that respond to current traffic issues and the anticipated impact of day-to-day activities once Lansdowne is completed.

These recommendations will be presented to LTAC on Thursday, September 26th and discussed with senior traffic officials who sit at LTAC.  Feedback from these discussions will be available online and in the OSCAR.  The recommendations represent a starting point, a base with which to begin dialogue with the City on traffic issues that are of immediate concern to Old Ottawa South.