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Thank you Old Ottawa South! Your response to this community’s Traffic Survey has been outstanding!

Deadline for the survey was Friday, June 21, 2013.  Since then a review team has been formed, a process established, and a deadline for draft recommendations set for early September.  It’s a big job: total number of responses to the survey is 626 with 285 comments.  The narrative component is significant and it’s important that we give this element of the survey the attention it deserves. Each comment will be reviewed.

In the meantime, we will be working with City officials to share certain elements of the survey to make sure that they are submitted in a timely manner to official parallel processes. For example, the survey includes responses & comments that directly affect the City’s Riverdale Traffic Study.  These will be shared with the City this summer to ensure their consideration under their established community consultation process for traffic studies.

Come September, more detailed data, analysis, and recommendations will be available in the OSCAR & online. So stay tuned. 

In the meantime, we would like to share with you some of the following results:

  • Completed electronic responses: 621
  • Hand-written responses: 5
  • Additional comments/suggestions: 285
  • Responses from individuals living in OOS: 87.76%
  • Responses from individuals working in OOS: 23.35%
  • Support for the Clegg-Fifth Avenue pedestrian/cyclist bridge over the Canal: 87.92%
  • Support for pedestrian/cyclist improvements on the OOS side of the Canal near the Bank Street Bridge: 87.92%
  • Support to install a camera at Sunnyside & Bank to identify red light offenders: 70.05%
  • Support to ensure crossing signal & timing appear when light turns green: 88.08%, highly visible ladder crosswalks at Aylmer & Riverdale 86.31%, better signage for "School Zone" & "Playground Ahead" 76.49%
  • Support for improved cycling signage and painted cycling lanes in OOS: 85.19%
  • Support for shared bike lanes on Riverdale: 60.23%
  • Respondents who anticipate parking problems with the advent of Lansdowne: 87.44%
  • Respondents who support 2-hour parking within one block of Bank Street during business hours: 82.13%
  • Respondents who support a safe drop-off zone along Willard at peak periods for program activities at Firehall & proposed daycare facility: 72.62%
  • Respondents who support a highly-visible crosswalk closer to the OOS Firehall: 56.36%
  • Respondents who would like further study on crosswalk proposal 18.20%
  • Respondents who support landscaped entry points and decorative planting initiatives that visually indicate to drivers they are now entering and passing through a neighbourhood: 79.39%

More to come!

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