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Change & Renewal: Traffic News

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sunnyside by winnieDuring the month of May, Old Ottawa South residents will have several opportunities to consult with City officials, our City Councillor, OSCA & OSWatch representatives as well as each other on traffic management issues in Old Ottawa South.

On Wednesday May 1, 2013 an Open House will be held at the Sunnyside Branch of the Ottawa Public Library. The City of Ottawa has initiated a Riverdale Avenue Area Traffic Management Study that will focus on the Riverdale corridor between Bank Street and Echo Drive, including Sunnyside Avenue between Bank Street & Riverdale. Adjacent streets (Willard, Fairbairn, Bellwood) and major intersections at Cameron (including where Willard & Bellwood meet), and Belmont are also included.

For those of you who have voiced your concern about piecemeal traffic studies in Old Ottawa South, the Riverdale Avenue Traffic Study is significant. It will address some major traffic concerns east of Bank and together with the 2012 Study west of Bank provide a more comprehensive understanding of Sunnyside from Bronson to Riverdale, and its intrinsic role as a collector route to and from Bronson, Bank, & Riverdale.

riverdale-at-sunnyside-4-smallOn Thursday May 9th a public meeting will be held at the Fire Hall with representatives from OSWatch, OSCA and our City Councillor David Chernushenko. Again, the topic is traffic and part of the agenda for May 9th is to provide information on our proposed online OOS Traffic Survey and to ask for your feedback. Why is a survey helpful at this point in time? How do both the Riverdale Study and the Survey help knit together a vision for traffic management in Old Ottawa South?

In 2012, short and long-term recommendations were incorporated into an Area Traffic Study focused on Sunnyside Avenue between Bank and Bronson, bordered by Colonel By & the Rideau River. This summer, some of these recommendations will be implemented. They include: improved and new signage, ladder crosswalks, pavement markings, intersection narrowing & some street-scaping. Incremental improvements like these not only complement the changing character of Old Ottawa South but can contribute significantly to the safety and security of pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

The Old Ottawa South Traffic Survey will be initiated May 20th. The purpose of this survey is to solicit advice and feedback from OOS residents on options that could mitigate the impact that the redevelopment of Lansdowne will have on traffic & parking in our neighbourhood. It will focus primarily on traffic flow & traffic calming measures, safe cycling, and parking policies for residents, especially those living within five blocks of Lansdowne.

This spring there exists a window of opportunity to affect changes that might help Old Ottawa South move more easily into a process of change and renewal. We look forward to your advice and comments beginning May 1st, 2013.

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